Mark has been with Granite Transformations for 6 years as a design consultant. You might recognize his name from his years as a Wrestler at OSU. Mark is married and now spends his free time helping coach his kids in sports, including his favorite, wrestling.

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    Mark, spent some time with your Dad in Iowa City this weekend. Our Daughter, Kristin Daffern owns KLEINCO Construction. She’s the 3rd generation to own the company. My wife and Insold it to her over 10 years ago, after buying my Dad our in 1982. She does a lot of renovation work. You can contact her at 918-812-1641 if you’re interested in talking with her. I know she will be out of town next week, so best to wait a couple of weeks. Her estimator is Ken Proctor, if you want to contact him. 919-493-3406. Tell them Ken Klein suggested you call. Let me if the results. You can reach me at 918-809-9668

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