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Bathroom Sink Installations

There are two essential parts to any bathroom, and they both need to be working the best that they can in order to get the most utility possible. These two parts are the toilet and the bathroom sink, and some might argue that the sink is even more important than the toilet. Is your current bathroom sink not working properly? Are you looking to replace it, or are you trying to give your bathroom a fresh look? If so, reach out to us at Granite Transformations and we’ll be happy to help you in any way that we can with our bathroom sink installation services!

Every bathroom sink installation is provided with you in mind. From the sink choices that we offer to the high-quality service that comes with every installation, we’re here for you as you upgrade your home. Take a look at the sinks we offer and we’re sure that you’ll find one that will be perfect for you and your bathroom. Schedule a free design consultation to get a real look at how your new sink will look in your bathroom space, and if you like what you see, we’ll provide you with a no-pressure, all-inclusive quote for the sink installation as well. Most importantly, our bathroom sink installations are all done with expert precision in a timely manner and always come with friendly customer service.

At Granite Transformations, we care about your space just as much as we care about how happy you’ll be after working with us. Whether you’re looking to replace a faulty sink in your bathroom or you’re simply trying to freshen up the space, our bathroom sink installations provide the perfect solution. Give us a call or email us today for an in-home or virtual consultation, and together we’ll get your bathroom equipped with the sink of your dreams!

Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Bathroom Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Let our bathroom remodeling contractors transform the space that’s being taken up by a little-used bathtub by turning it into a luxurious walk-in shower. Imagine our stunning etherium® By E-Stone slabs cast as your elegant new shower walls.


Tub Surrounds

Bathroom Tub Surrounds

Let our bathroom remodeling contractors build an elegant tub surround from etherium® By E-Stone slabs or glass mosaic tiles. Add steps or levels for a one-of-a-kind spa look and turn your existing tub into the focal point of your bathroom.


Shower Stalls

Bathroom Shower Stalls

Don’t settle for a pre-cast fiberglass or acrylic shower stall. Let our shower renovation experts create a custom stall from our huge selection of breathtaking etherium® By E-Stone slabs and glass mosaic tiles.



Bathroom Tiles

Turn your bathroom into a work of art with our Italian Glass mosaic tiles. Even our Subway tile can transform your shower. As a finishing touch, add a built-in shelf with a statement backsplash.



Bathroom Cabinets

Our bathroom remodeling contractors can reface and refresh your existing bathroom cabinets or supply you with many styles of new options to match any bathroom décor. The choice is yours.


Vanity Tops

Bathroom Vanity Tops

Why remove and replace your existing vanity when Granite and TREND can fabricate a gorgeous new vanity top? Let our designers show you how you can go “over-the-top” with style.



Bathroom flooring

Revolutionize your bathroom remodel to be stylish and functional. Adding beautiful flooring can impact a small bathroom remodel immensely, and our etherium® By E-Stone slabs are durable and chemical-resistant. With our flooring installation specialists, you can easily create the bathroom of your dreams that will last a lifetime.


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