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Tub to Shower Conversion from Granite and TREND Transformations

Create the bathroom of your dreams with a tub to shower conversion.  Turn that old and probably unused bathtub into a stylish shower the whole family can enjoy.  A tub to shower conversion is easier than you might think.  Let our design specialists show you how you can upgrade your bathroom with a tub to shower conversion.

A tub to shower conversion is perfect for homeowners who are looking to replace their outdated bathtub with a more contemporary solution.  Showers are also safer and at times more convenient.  Granite and TREND Transformations can transform your tired bathtub into a luxurious new space in no time with a tub to shower conversion.

How much difference can a tub to shower conversion make? The shower is often the centerpiece of your bathroom and has many advantages over bathtubs.  Young, busy couples tend to prefer walk-in showers over tubs.  The same is true for elderly or disabled individuals because they are safer and easier to get in and out of. Walk-in showers can make your bathroom feel larger and more modern.  A tub to shower conversion not only provides a fresh and modern look to your bathroom, it can also increase your ability to sell your home as it raises your resale value, particularly when done in the master bathroom.

Are you thinking of renovating your home? Maybe making a change to your bathroom? The option to convert your tub to a shower can be handled easily and very efficiently. A tub to shower conversion from Granite and TREND Transformations will transform your existing tub into an exciting and fresh new shower space. This space will be further enhanced by a selection from our stylish etherium® by E-Stone collection to make up your shower walls. Think of it: A comparatively small change like a tub to shower conversion can give your bathroom not only a new look, but an entirely new life.

Contact your local Granite and TREND Transformations design consultant to learn more about the different options of upgrading your bathroom, one of which is a completely transformative tub to shower conversion.

Want to see what your renovation will look like? Start designing your new bathroom with our visualizer tool!

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