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Tub Surrounds from Granite and TREND Transformations

A bathroom remodel is among the most commonly performed home improvement projects. Some homeowners want a complete floor-to-ceiling makeover. Others may choose a smaller alteration, such as a new bathtub surround. While this may seem small, there are many tub surround options. Whether it’s a basic replacement or something new, Granite and TREND Transformations can design, create, and install a top-of-the-line bathtub surround.

Houses that have been standing for generations are guaranteed to need renovations, and the bathroom is among the first places to take care of due to issues like water damage. In older bathrooms, the tiles that make up the walls around the bathtub surround are prone to leaking at their edges. The walls may last for a while – or quickly mold, crack, and deteriorate if water seeps behind them. This damage affects everything, from functionality to the overall look and feel of the bathtub surround space. This development makes the homeowner wince at the sight of the tub, as opposed to looking at it with a sense of welcome and relaxation. Thus, a renovation is in order. And it begins with the bathtub surround.

Let’s say you want a simple and straightforward replacement of an old bathtub surround. The main and most important reason is to eliminate and prevent further water damage. While that problem would be taken care of, you’d be surprised and impressed at the added benefit of how even the most basic bathroom remodel with a brand new bathtub surround can add an appealing look and a new flair to the space.

Or, are you possibly looking for something more detailed and unique?

If you are thinking of changing up the look of your bathroom for something new and different, the design consultants of Granite and TREND Transformations can offer you an impressive variety of choices which can turn your existing bathtub surround into a fully functional and eye-catching setting. Between the selection of our exclusive etherium® By E-Stone surfaces and glass mosaic tiles, we can turn your bathroom into a showplace that goes beyond your dreams and expectations. Your bathtub surround will resemble one you’d find in an upscale spa or the most elegant hotel.

Whether you are looking for basic or beautiful, Granite and TREND Transformations has the solution to match what you are seeking in a bathroom remodel. Call or request a free in-home consultation to discover how our state-of-the-art process of replacing your bathtub surround can completely reinvent this space, making it not only practical but attractive.

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