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Shower Stalls from Granite and TREND Transformations

Some people enjoy a relaxing bath. Others prefer a luxurious shower. Since most tubs are built to accommodate a choice of either a bath or shower, it may be a moot point. But there are homeowners who prefer having a shower stall instead of a bathtub. And we at Granite and TREND Transformations should know, because we’ve custom-created and installed many a shower stall for our satisfied customers.

Traditionally, specific items are synonymous with certain rooms. The kitchen has the stove. The living room has the sofa (and maybe even a fireplace). And the bathroom has the bathtub. (Heck, even the name of its location – the bathroom – is named for it.) For decades, the image of a long bathtub to wash, recline and relax in was part and parcel of the home. But the needs, preferences, and lifestyles of homeowners change. Case in point: installing a shower stall instead of a bathtub. Let’s look at three reasons…

  1. Homeowners who’ve purchased a place that already has a small bathroom, for example, and don’t wish to put extra time, money, and effort into expanding the space will likely consider a shower stall an overall more practical option.
  2. In this age of practicing energy efficiency, choosing a shower stall over a bathtub saves water. As reported in The Spruce, shower heads are constructed today for the purpose of conserving water. The average shower uses approximately 20 gallons of water while a bathtub can fill 30 gallons. (In addition to saving water, there is a cost savings as well.)
  3. They look cool, having come a long way from being straightforwardly functional to stylishly fashionable. Yes, the shower stall can make a statement, and express the individual taste and personality of the individual homeowner who chooses this option.

If you are considering a bathroom renovation, be aware that there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to including a shower stall as part of the project. From the shower base to frameless sliding shower doors, Granite and TREND Transformations will measure, custom-create, and install the structure based on what you, the customer, desires. And with the great variety of surfaces available from our etherium® By E-Stone collection, we are confident you will find a choice to make the new shower walls stand out. Request your free in-home design consultation or call to learn how we can create a shower stall which combines practicality with pristine artistry. Already have a bathtub and want to convert to a shower stall? Learn more about tub-to-shower conversions and renovations from Granite and TREND Transformations.

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