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Flooring from Granite and TREND Transformations

The floor of a room is literally the foundation for every fixture and piece of furniture in that space. With that in mind, whenever a home is either built from the ground up or remodeled, the flooring options must be given a lot of attention. Granite and TREND Transformations provides expert answers, special attention, and unique selections for all of your flooring needs.

Unlike other rooms in a home, there are specific requirements when it comes to the flooring options for the kitchen and bathroom. Since both rooms are equipped with sinks, for example, the floors need to be water-resistant. The flooring material in the kitchen and bathroom must be sturdy and durable, and yet be easy to clean. In short, the requirements for bathroom and kitchen flooring options must be versatile. And this versatility is not limited to form and function, but also includes look and mood.

Every surface and floor tile from Granite and TREND Transformations is carefully designed, crafted and installed to the most exacting standards. Our etherium® by E-Stone surfaces offer a wide variety of flooring options for your kitchen makeover and bathroom renovation.

These are only a few examples of the flooring options available in each of our etherium® by E-Stone surface collections.  And aside from having a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles to choose from, each selection is both water-resistant and chemical-resistant. So, we provide style and substance of equal appeal and strength in each of our selections.

Whether your kitchen and bathroom is large, small, or mid-sized, Granite and TREND Transformations can custom-create a flooring option to your exact specifications, and with eye-catching appeal as well. Request a free in home consultation today.

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