Engineered Stone Countertops for Eco-Friendly Home Remodeling

If you’re looking for a more environmentally-conscious approach to home remodeling, you’ve come to the right place. This homeowner chose to replace their outdated kitchen countertops with Bianco Modena—a beautiful engineered stone that resembles granite selections from the Italian Apennines. Granite Transformations is able to achieve the look of this high-end granite by combining quartz, granite, and our ForeverSeal® polymer resin. Not only does choosing these engineered stone countertops help preserve the natural environment of the gorgeous Italian mountain range, but it also ensures a nonporous, low-maintenance, and stain- and scratch-resistant surface.

Undermount Sink Installation

In addition to installing the beautiful Bianca Modena engineered stone countertops, we also installed a stunning undermount granite sink. Undermount sinks make your kitchen easier to clean, eliminating the dirt-catching crevice between the sink and countertop. You’ll be able to brush water and crumbs into the kitchen sink. Not only that, undermount granite sinks add a sophisticated, modern look to any kitchen.

Engineered Stone Countertops & Undermount Granite Sinks in Denver

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen with engineered stone countertops or an undermount granite sink, call Granite Transformations of Denver! We’ll provide you with a free design consultation to get started on your kitchen remodel.

There’s no reason to clean your laundry in a dingy room—Granite Transformations offers the flooring, countertops, and cabinet solutions you need to turn the laundry room into a beautiful, functional space. For this Nashville homeowner, Granite Transformations helped maximize organization and efficiency with new cabinetry and cabinet rollouts.

Improve Laundry Room Functionality with Smart Cabinetry

Keeping your laundry room organized can help reduce stress and mess. At Granite Transformation, we offer cabinet refacing and unique cabinet details to help you get the most out of your storage space. Adding rollout cabinets and shelving can help you ensure that everything has its place in your laundry room remodel. Not only that, but cabinet refacing is a faster, more affordable way to refresh any room without the hassle of complete cabinet replacement.

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With as much time as we spend in our laundry rooms, they are definitely overdue for some TLC. Big or small, Granite Transformations can help you make the most out of your laundry room with our little-to-no demolition services, including countertop installation, cabinet refacing, flooring installation, and more! Call us today to schedule your FREE design consultation!

From decreased focus and productivity to increased stress, excessive clutter can negatively impact multiple areas of your life. Modern, neutral kitchen design can help eliminate the negative impacts on your health in one of the most frequented areas of your house—your kitchen.

How Modern, Neutral Kitchen Design Can Help Declutter Your Home

After a long, hard day at work, the last thing you want to come home to is a messy, disorganized kitchen. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the clutter and feelings of overwhelm while making dinner for the family, we suggest you try including elements of modern, neutral kitchen design.

Modern design is inspired by the modern art movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Doing away with the ornate, overly-embellished designs of the Victorian and other previous design movements, modern design values minimalism and functionality. Thus, incorporating modern design in your kitchen can help you focus on decluttering and only displaying what is clean and functional.

Here are two of the modern neutral kitchen design elements Granite Transformations installed:

Portland White Countertops

Granite Transformations’ Portland White countertops are perfect for modern neutral kitchen designs. Composed of recycled glass and quartz, Portland White engineered stone gives homeowners the look of beautiful, light-grey concrete.

White Beveled Backsplash

A simple white mosaic tile is the perfect backsplash modern kitchens. White tile backsplash will help your kitchen feel spacious and clean.

White countertops have the ability to brighten up any kitchen. And, if you’re going with white countertops, quartz is the perfect choice of stone. These Northville, MI, homeowners will not only enjoy a modern aesthetic with their white quartz countertops, they’ll also enjoy the durability and low-maintenance of this engineered stone.

Both beautiful and eco-friendly, the Warm White quartz countertops installed by Granite Transformations of Farmington Hills will last for years to come.

Installing Your Quartz Countertops with Granite Transformations

There are several advantages to choosing Granite Transformations for the installation of your white quartz countertops. Our quartz countertops are sealed with our proprietary sealing agent known as ForeverSeal®, a polymer resin that ensures your countertop is nonporous as well as stain-, scratch-, and heat-resistant. Unlike other white countertop surfaces, such as genuine marble or granite, our quartz countertops will never need to be resealed and are easy to clean. And, because we manufacture all of our countertops, we can guarantee your white quartz countertops remain beautiful for years to come with our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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At Granite Transformations, we specialize in tub to shower conversions for homeowners wanting to make better use of the space in their bathrooms. Whether your tub is simply seldom used or you’re ready for an upgrade from the 1950s “Mamie Pink” jacuzzi, we can help transform your bathtub into a spacious walk-in shower!

From Vintage Glam to Clean and Contemporary

“Mamie Pink,” named after the pink-adoring first lady Mamie Eisenhower, was the most iconic decorating color of the 1950s. And, though the pink tub and countertops were surely glorious in their time, these homeowners were ready for something a little more contemporary.

Granite Transformations helped these Little Rock homeowners take their bathroom from vintage glam to clean and contemporary with a tub to shower conversion. We installed a new shower with marble slabs and mosaic inlay. Not only did this open up the space needed for a large walk-in shower, but it also better reflects the homeowner’s personal style.

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From Craftsman to Contemporary Kitchen Update

The travertine backsplash, earth-tone granite, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, and beautiful wooden cabinetry made this North Little Rock kitchen reminiscent of the craftsman style popular in the 2000s. However, these homeowners were ready for a contemporary kitchen update. Granite Transformations of Little Rock helped give this kitchen a total makeover with countertop and backsplash installation to pair with their new light fixtures and cabinetry.

Marble Countertops

It’s no secret that marble countertops are one of the hottest trends in today’s interior design. These homeowners chose to incorporate the contemporary surface in their kitchen by installing new Statuario countertops.

Mosaic Backsplash

A mosaic backsplash goes along perfectly with marble countertops. The beautiful, cool-toned mosaic tile installed in this kitchen both complements the contemporary design style and reflects light to brighten up the room.

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Outdated backsplash and dark cabinetry made this Franklin homeowner’s kitchen appear dull and uninviting. Granite Transformations of Nashville was able to help brighten up their space with a contemporary kitchen remodel. As a part of the renovation project, we installed recycled glass countertops and a new sink and refaced their kitchen cabinets to the ceiling.

Sleek Lines for Contemporary Aesthetic

One of the most crucial elements in contemporary interior design is the use of sleek lines. To complete this contemporary kitchen remodel, this homeowner chose to reface their old kitchen cabinets with new, full-overlay doors and drawers with geometrical recessed panels. The homeowner also chose to extend their kitchen cabinets to the ceiling, giving them a taller appearance and added benefits of less clutter and more storage.

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Though modern is often associated with cold, sleek, black and white design, it’s a more versatile style than you’d think. Modern design, at its core, is about creating spaces that are clean and functional. Modern design is based on a movement birthed in the 20th century—a movement that celebrated natural materials, earth tones, functionality, and minimalism. So, how did we help these Little Rock homeowners transform their space with a modern kitchen remodel?

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a more affordable and less time-consuming alternative to cabinet replacement. Because these homeowners weren’t looking to change the layout of their kitchen, we simply refaced the cabinets with simple, clean doors and drawers.

White Brick Backsplash

Before, bright red paint between the counters and cabinets broke up the space and made it appear dated. We replaced the old backsplash with exposed white brick to achieve a more modern aesthetic.

White Copper Recycled Glass Countertops

We replaced their tile countertops with something modern, eco-friendly, and easier to maintain. Our white copper countertops are made with clear recycled glass, white quartz, and Aventurine—a form of quartz characterized by its translucency and glistening effect.

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This Brentwood homeowner was ready to upgrade their kitchen to match their style and needs. Before, the brown cabinetry and granite countertops gave the space a look that was simply too dark for their taste. We helped them achieve a contemporary kitchen transformation with cabinet refacing, new countertops, and a new drink bar.

What is a contemporary kitchen style?

The key to transforming a tired, dark kitchen into a contemporary space is incorporating sleek, bright materials and a minimalist layout. Stainless steel appliances, contrasting colors, white countertops, and straight edges are all staples when it comes to contemporary kitchens.

Carrara Countertops

We achieved the contemporary look in this kitchen by replacing the old, earth-tone countertops with a bright white marble. Our Carrara marble countertops are the perfect option for contemporary kitchen transformations.

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It’s no secret that marble is one of this decade’s most popular surfaces. We helped transform this Canton homeowner’s bathroom with a new marble tub surround, resulting in an elegant finish. Not only is this bathtub surround beautiful, it’s also easy to maintain. Thanks to the large surface of the stone, grouting on the walls was kept to a minimum, making it a breeze to clean. Additionally, all of our slabs and surfaces are nonporous, meaning they don’t support the growth of mold or mildew!

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Concrete countertops are the latest craze in kitchen design—and for good reason. They’re beautiful, durable, and timeless. Additionally, they’re an easy product for homeowners to get their hands on for a DIY project. What Pinterest won’t tell you, however, is that real concrete countertops can come with some challenges. They’re virtually impossible to repair, heavy, and porous—meaning they’re hard to clean and a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly sealed.

At Granite Transformations, we offer a concrete countertop alternative that gives homeowners the look and feel of concrete without all the drawbacks of the real material.

Light Grey Concrete Countertops (Without the Drawbacks)

By installing these light grey concrete countertops with Granite Transformations, this homeowner will get to enjoy the look of concrete with all the benefits of etherium® by E-stone!

etherium® by E-stone countertops are made to look like rare, high-end slabs, yet are made of quartz and 78% post-consumer recycled glass. Not only does this make them eco-friendly, but they’re also incredibly durable and non-porous. The concrete countertop color used in this Farmington Hills home is called “Portland White.” This is one of our most recent new products and is very popular with our customers. It is lighter in color, and because our product is nonporous and stain-resistant, there is no worry of staining the countertop

Concrete Countertop Overlay

In addition to being easily maintained, these light grey concrete countertops are also easy to install! Our product is an overlay of an existing countertop. Therefore, there was no messy teardown and we were able to complete the installation within one day. Our customer was very happy with the quick turnaround and the final result.

Call Granite Transformations for Light Grey Concrete Countertops

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Concrete surfaces are one of the hottest new trends in interior design. Their rise in popularity can be attributed to their handcrafted beauty and versatility—they’ve come a long way from their industrial roots and can now be found in a wide variety of design styles. Whether your home’s style is modern or farmhouse, concrete countertops seem to be a rock-solid choice.

However, they do present some concerns that make us wonder if authentic concrete countertops are all they’re cracked up to be.

Authentic Concrete Surfaces: Why They’re Not All They’re Cracked Up to Be

Though we love the look of authentic concrete surfaces, they’re not the most ideal countertop material for bathrooms and kitchens. If concrete does one thing, it’s crack. Even when installed, sealed, and maintained perfectly, it’s impossible to have a concrete countertop without at least hairline cracks. They’re also susceptible to larger fractures due to pressure or natural home settlement—these cracks are almost impossible to repair and often require replacing the entire portion of the slab.

Here are a few other concerns that come with concrete surfaces:

  • Concrete is porous in nature, and without proper sealant, can absorb liquids that lead to bacteria growth, cracks, and stains. Thus, you’ll have to seal natural concrete surfaces at least once a year.
  • Concrete countertops are extremely heavy and weigh in at around 20-25 pounds per square foot. This often requires reinforcing cabinetry and flooring so they’re capable of bearing the load.
  • Despite its common use, concrete is actually one of the more expensive countertop options. It’s considered a high-end material when used as countertops and their fabrication requires skill.

Get the Look of Concrete Countertops With the Benefits of etherium® by E-stone

At Granite Transformations, we offer a line of surfaces that mimic the look of concrete countertops yet boast the benefits of etherium® by E-stone. You’ll enjoy the aesthetic of concrete without the cracks, stains, weight, and expense.

etherium® by E-stone Concrete Countertops Benefits

  • Sealed with our proprietary polymer resin, ForeverSeal®, all surfaces are heat, stain, scratch, mold, and mildew resistant.
  • Our unique sealing agent ensures your concrete countertop surface is nonporous and will never need to be sealed, saving you both time and money.
  • Each slab is handcrafted in our very own manufacturing facility, so the strength and durability of your countertop surface are guaranteed with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Made of quartz and 78% post-consumer recycled glass, etherium® by E-stone concrete countertops are an eco-friendly option for your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

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