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Modern Kitchen Remodel in Little Rock

modern kitchen remodel with white copper quartz countertops


tired and outdated kitchen before modern kitchen remodel


Though modern is often associated with cold, sleek, black and white design, it’s a more versatile style than you’d think. Modern design, at its core, is about creating spaces that are clean and functional. Modern design is based on a movement birthed in the 20th century—a movement that celebrated natural materials, earth tones, functionality, and minimalism. So, how did we help these Little Rock homeowners transform their space with a modern kitchen remodel?

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a more affordable and less time-consuming alternative to cabinet replacement. Because these homeowners weren’t looking to change the layout of their kitchen, we simply refaced the cabinets with simple, clean doors and drawers.

White Brick Backsplash

Before, bright red paint between the counters and cabinets broke up the space and made it appear dated. We replaced the old backsplash with exposed white brick to achieve a more modern aesthetic.

White Copper Recycled Glass Countertops

We replaced their tile countertops with something modern, eco-friendly, and easier to maintain. Our white copper countertops are made with clear recycled glass, white quartz, and Aventurine—a form of quartz characterized by its translucency and glistening effect.

Call Granite Transformations for Modern Kitchen Remodels in Arkansas

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Give your kitchen or bathroom the gorgeous look it deserves, and without the stress of a messy demolition associated with the installation of ordinary countertop surfaces.

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