Are you ready to design your dream kitchen? If so, you may be worried about the cost of such an extensive project, or are perhaps concerned about how long it will take to redo one of the most widely used spaces in your house. The good news is you do not have to completely gut and rebuild your kitchen to achieve a magazine-worthy look.

There are a few more affordable options, which are also much faster projects to complete. Cabinet refacing and the installation of maintenance-free countertops will bring new life to your kitchen and will allow you to redirect some of the money you save toward something else.

Cabinet Refacing

It may not feel like cabinet refacing is really remodeling your kitchen, but it actually is. With cabinet refacing the internal structure remains the same, but the external facing undergoes a complete transformation.

There are some additional benefits beyond creating an aesthetically stunning kitchen. Cabinet refacing is:

  • More affordable
  • Cleaner
  • Less time-consuming

Maintenance-Free Countertops

With so many options available for countertops these days, it can be hard to choose the right one for your kitchen update. One way to narrow down your choices is to think about how much upkeep and maintenance you want to do in the future. If the idea of constant vigilance just to protect your countertop feels like it’s just too much, we have better options.

Consider a maintenance-free (thus worry-free) countertop for your kitchen update. It doesn’t mean you have to choose a boring style or color. Our wide selection of countertops includes gorgeous marble, recycled glass, granite, travertine, and quartz options.

When you’re ready to begin your kitchen transformation in Jacksonville, reach out to the design team at Granite Transformations of Jacksonville. We love helping homeowners turn their dreams into reality. Contact us today if you would like some guidance or are ready to schedule your free in-home consultation.

When planning a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, many of us tend to get excited over the more prominent components like the countertops and cabinets. But when you give yourself time to consider the finer details, you’ll discover ways to put your design project over the top.

You definitely want to consider the design appeal of a tile backsplash. These stunningly beautiful tiles are perfectly suited for kitchens and bathrooms, and will help you turn your design into a one-of-a-kind project, uniquely showcasing your personality and style.

Benefits of Tile Backsplashes

Incorporating tile backsplashes into your next remodel project offers some fantastic benefits. A few reasons you should consider tile backsplashes are:

Color: If the color palette for your kitchen or bathroom countertop project is primarily grays, golds, whites, or blacks, tiles will add an intriguing pop of color to draw in the eyes.

Contrast: You can add warmth and depth to your countertop with tiles that feature contrasting patterns or designs.

Easy to Clean: Don’t worry about the rogue pasta sauce that accidentally splattered during Italian night. Our tiles make cleaning up a breeze.

Personalization: Tile backsplashes are a beautiful way to personalize your space.

Bathroom Remodeling in Troy

When you’re ready to design the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, take a moment to peruse our extensive collection of tile backsplashes. You will find an impressive selection that lets you add a personalized finishing touch to your remodel project.

Granite Transformations of Jacksonville has an eye for design and the expertise to help make all your design dreams come true. We offer an extensive product selection and are eager to help you find the perfect fit for your next project. Our design team is available to answer any questions and to offer you some decorative inspiration. Contact us today for your free in-home consultation.

Looking for Kitchen Countertops in Bloomfield, MI? We Have the BEST Solution for You! 


We know there are a lot of choices for kitchen and bathroom renovations in Metro Detroit, so we’ll get right to why we think we’re the best: to put it simply, we have the lowest prices, on the finest materials, with the best design, and the quickest installation in the business. 



It’s because of our innovative technique. Our phenomenal granite, marble, and engineered stone countertops fit right over your existing countertops, making the process less expensive and nearly painless with the same high quality materials you deserve. With our process there is almost no demolition involved, saving time and money. Our countertops are stain and scratch resistant, are resistant to bacteria and other disease-causing agents (especially important in our current era), are resistant to heat, and much much more. We don’t think you can get better countertops ANYWHERE. 


And in addition, we can do total kitchen resurfacing projects— including things like cabinet and drawer faces and floors— for much less and much less time than the others.  

“We had just completed a separate bathroom renovation with another contractor and the difference between how Granite Transformations operated and this other contractor was stark. Granite Transformations was responsive, prompt, reliable and extremely respectful of our home in terms of noise, cleanup and minimal disruption overall. The end result is stunning, which we are thrilled about, but we were also so pleased with the ease of working with Granite Transformations. It was a pleasure – thank you!”

Kina H. Five Star Google Review


Affordable Countertops In Bloomfield With A Multitude of Options


If it’s options you’re looking for— as well as quality and affordability, of course— we can offer you just about anything you might want. Materials we offer include: 

  • Granite
  • Marble 
  • Recycled Glass 
  • Travertine 
  • Concrete 
  • Marble 
  • And Mosaic Tile Backsplashes

For colors, the sky’s the limit. When you give us a call, we’ll come out to your house, take some measurements, and bring some samples so you can see the multitude of options to choose from, and there are many. 

Feeling overwhelmed? 

We can help you with design choices too, and our technicians are experts in helping you and your family decide what might be the best for you. When we leave, you’ll be left with an all-inclusive bid for our services, as well as the knowledge to make smart decisions. We can usually get started in just a couple of weeks, and we can often be finished in just one day. 


If it’s stone countertops in Bloomfield, Michigan you’re in the market for, we’re your hometown team. 

“Their sales person was great- not at all pushy!  Guys who did the work skilled and professional. The product itself is very high quality and durable- much cheaper to cover counters than demolish old ones. Kitchen looks GREAT!” 

Lyn S., Five Star Google Review


You Really Can’t Do Any Better than Granite Transformations for Bloomfield Kitchen Countertops


We would absolutely love it if you were to give us a call today and allow us the pleasure of giving you a bid on transforming your kitchen, bathroom, mudroom or garage into a space you’ll be proud to show off to all of your guests. Our operators are standing by to take your call, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

“From the initial designer/ estimator service (Danni) through the installation, the Granite Transformations team was highly personable and professional. All services were timely and responsive. It made the bathroom upgrade process a piece of cake. Specific shout out to Parker and Randolph – these installers were courteous, highly skilled and attentive to detail. I highly recommend Granite Transformations!”

Kathleen A., Five Star Google Review


Fabulous and Innovative Kitchen Countertops in Rochester, MI

We’ll get straight to the point: If you want high quality stone countertops in Rochester, Michigan, that are beautiful, durable, scratch and stain resistant, bacterially resistant, and won’t break the bank, give us at Granite Transformations of Michigan a call. 

How do we accomplish all of this? It’s in our unique process. Our countertops fit over your existing countertops transforming your space without the need for demolition. They can fit over just about any setup you might have, and will brighten and improve any kitchen space, sometimes just within a day. 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but quality update to your kitchen or bathroom, give us a call today!

“I thought the team was really on top of things from start to finish. I was contacted right away and templating was scheduled. I really liked working with Jeff, my cabinet refacer. He did great work, and the noise and dust were minimal. The finished product is better than I had imagined, and I am very pleased.” 

Mary, Portage MI, Five Star Review, Listen360 


Countertops in Rochester, Michigan for the Kitchen, Bathroom, and More

At Granite Transformations of Michigan, we give you all the options you would like to complement any style of home and kitchen, and any of your personal design choices. 

We offer: 

  • Granite 
  • Marble 
  • Quartz 
  • Recycled glass 
  • Travertine 
  • And much more

Within this, we offer a nearly unlimited choice of colors and styles. If you give us a call, we can show you samples of them all, as well as help you choose what is going to look best with your current kitchen design— but if you’d like, we can also help with that too! We also do total kitchen remodels, from backsplash to floor, and even kitchen cabinet resurfacing. We’ve pulled out all the stops to allow you to have the kitchen of your dreams with little to no demolition, at a fraction of the cost of others.

“The staff are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and professional. My kitchen and bathroom looked absolutely beautiful with the new countertops and sinks. I highly recommend Granite Transformations!”

Chris, Michigan, Five Star Review, Listen360


Looking for High Quality but Affordable? We Have Affordable Countertops in Rochester

Not only are our countertops durable and beautiful, they are also affordable. Our plans often cost much less than those of others, not because we skimp on quality, but because of our innovative process. 

Because there is no time-consuming and costly demolition, because there are no disposal fees, because we can often be in and out of your house in just one day, our services are generally less than others— with no loss in quality!

“We were very pleased with all aspects of the work we had done. Ava Curnow was very helpful and answered our questions about the process. Josh measured all the countertops to make the template. He was very efficient and also answered any questions we had. We were advised by Mike D’Oyly when everyone would be arriving and what we needed to do to prepare. Josh and his helper arrived to install the countertops. We were very pleased with the professional and efficient way they worked together and still were very personable and friendly toward us. The counters look wonderful and we are ver happy with them.”

J.L. Ada, MI, Five Star Review, Listen 360


Call Today for Stone Countertops in Rochester, Michigan

If you’re looking for the finest Rochester kitchen countertops, give us a call today and we can send a technician out to your home at your earliest convenience for an absolutely free, no pressure consultation to see what we can do for your kitchen. Unlike others, our process uses very little demolition and we can often be out of your hair in as little as one day. 

Call Granite transformations of Michigan and be on your way to the kitchen of your dreams! 

“Very top quality product, excellent installation!”

D.N., Zeeland, MI, Five Star Review, Listen360 

Affordable Bathroom Remodeling in West Bloomfield— With Style and Verve


We’ll just get right to it: If you’re looking for a spanking new bathroom at a fraction of the cost and hassle of other remodeling companies, Granite Transformations of Michigan is right where you need to be. Our products and services are so special due to our unique installation process. Our exceptionally high quality engineered stone fits right over your existing countertops to create a whole new look and sense of luxury without the traditional messy demolition. 


Who wants workers in their bathroom for the better part of the week ripping everything out to put it back in? We don’t, and we doubt you do either. But when we say transformations, we mean transformations. We’re much more than just a countertop supplier, we also install high quality tile and stone floors, perform entire tub to shower transformations, and trade in economical and easy cabinet refacing— this is is where we replace the doors and drawer fronts of your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, giving your space a whole new look for a fraction of the price and time investment. 


Want to know more? Read on!  


“We decided to change our kitchen countertop. The person who came here and did the installation was very professional. They did everything they said they were gonna do. We were very happy with the quality of the work.”

Felix, Kentwood, MI, Consumer Affairs


Can’t Beat the Quality of Our West Bloomfield Bathroom Remodeling


What has made us so successful over the years, is not only our innovative process, but the quality of our customer service and materials. 


As for our made in the USA countertops, they are stain and heat resistant, resistant to bacteria and other pathogens, are impact and scratch resistant, and can be easily cleaned. These countertops are truly worry free. We install them, and you forget that they need much maintenance at all. 


This quality extends to our other products as well, flooring, cabinet refacing, and absolutely everything else we do. It’s all of the highest quality for the lowest price, because our techniques are so innovative. 


Along with this, our customer service is second to none. We take immense pride in doing a job well, cleaning up after ourselves completely, and leaving you, your family and your home in exactly the condition you would want when we leave— no mess, and a brand new bathroom. 


We’re serious— you can’t do any better than Granite Transformations when you’re looking for bathroom remodeling in West Bloomfield, Michigan. 


We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 


“We had Granite Transformations work on our Kitchen and Bathroom countertops and sink. I like the fact that they can go right over the existing corners so it doesn’t take forever and you don’t have a big mess. The sales rep and installer did a nice job and everything was dandy. They were on time, courteous and professional.”

Heddy, Grand Rapids, Consumer Affairs 


Your Hometown Beautiful, Sophisticated, and Smart West Bloomfield Bathroom Remodeling Company


If you’re in the market for bathroom remodeling, or you would simply like a free quote to see exactly what we might do for you, please, contact us today. We have two locations in Metro Detroit to serve you, and we can be out to your place as soon as possible to take some measurements, show you some samples, and help you with design choices. 


These bids are absolutely free, you have no obligation to purchase anything, and they contain no hidden fees or charges. Contact us today to be on your way to a new bathroom without the mess, hassle or cost of traditional renovation.   


“We love the job that Granite Transformations did with our kitchen. It was done really quickly. The kid who put it in was great, cleaned up his mess really well and took care of everything.”

Frank, Jennison, MI, Consumer Affairs

Hello Birmingham, could your bathroom use an update? Has it been a number of years— or decades— since your bathroom has seen some shine? Do you have an old, outdated tub that you would like economically replaced with a beautiful shower? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Birmingham, Granite Transformations can create you a beautiful new bathroom in less time than the others, with less stress than the others, and with less cost than the others. 

How? It’s in our unique America-made products and our exceptionally unique processes that can transform bathrooms in no time with less cost. 

Read on to see how we do it.

“Their sales person was great- not at all pushy!  Guys who did the work skilled and professional. The product itself is very high quality and durable- much cheaper to cover counters than demolish old ones. Kitchen looks GREAT!”

Lyn S., Five Star Google Review

The Most Efficient Bathroom Remodeling Company in Birmingham

All of our countertops are stain resistant, scratch and damage resistant, anti-bacterial, heat resistant, and have many other advantages. Our countertops are overlaid on existing ones, so there is no demolition involved, yet they look as good as new. 

Our bathroom renovations follow the same principle. We use what we can from your existing structure and place our ultra high quality materials on top of them. From the floor up to the ceiling, you can trust Granite Transformations to create beautiful bathroom spaces for less. 

One of the things we love to do most is shower transformations with our high quality engineered tile and stone. In this process, we remove old, underused tubs, and replace them with fantastic standalone tubs built right into your home. 

Another favorite is called cabinet resurfacing, where we take your existing cabinet boxes and reface them with new drawer fronts and doors, for a totally new look without reinventing the wheel. 

“The first time I went in the showroom I was almost sold. Kelly let me take home sample chips without even getting my name or phone number! She’s very friendly and helpful. I wanted to wait a couple of months before reviewing, and it’s been 4. Our counters, backsplash and sink are beautiful. I had taken those samples and dunked one in beet juice. After a  week it just rinsed off. I tried to scratch them and they dulled my (not best) knife. Our installer Jason was friendly and knowledgeable. After 2 months, we called because one seam was a little more visible than the others and they came out and refilled it. We had priced Corian for just the countertops (no sink, no backsplash) and this whole job was 42% cheaper. Very happy”

Mary Alice P., Five Star Google Review

Out-of-This-World Birmingham Bathroom Remodeling For Family and Home

Whether it’s a new kitchen countertop, a new bathroom vanity or shower, or total transformations for your kitchen, bathroom, or mudroom spaces, give Granite Transformations of Michigan a call right away.

We’ll set up an absolutely free consultation right in your home, offer design suggestions, take some measurements, and we can get started quickly and for much less money than you might expect. 

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and to transforming your home right before your eyes. 

“My brother moved into a nice OLD fashioned condo for seniors and it was SENIOR.  Now I am a senior, but this place was right up there with the Flintstones.  Well, they have the right name- TRANSFORMATIONS!!! Because his condo is beautiful now and I want his Kitchen and bathrooms.  They have truly been transformed and updated into the 21st century.  Now it does not look like “Leave it to “Beaver” but like “Architectural Digest” and if you know anything about design, need I say anymore. I forgot the plumber- he was 5 star.I am more than pleased with the change in his condo.”

Marie W., Five Star Google Review

A Stylish, Arlington Kitchen Transformation​

Everett Kitchen Remodel Before and After

We make it easy to transform the look of your kitchen


Everett Kitchen Remodel
When Terry and Thomas Sullivan moved into their new home and were looking at ways to freshen up and modernize the space, there was no question who they’d call upon to do the job.

After all, kitchens, like bathrooms, are the workhorses of the home – rooms you want to function well and look great doing it.

Their first experience with using Granite Transformations was in their previous home, when they installed a new marble-look engineered stone overtop of the original tile in the shower, bath surround and countertops, providing a modern, and much easier to clean surface.

To be able to do it without the usual time, disruption and environmental costs of a traditional demolition / renovation made it even better.

Fast-forward to their new home and, faced with ’90s-era wood-trimmed tile counters, a second call was made to the locally owned company, which in addition to environmentally friendly, engineered stone countertops and surfaces, also offers mosaic tiles and cabinet refacing with little-to-no demolition, stress or mess. Everett Kitchen Remodeling Sink Detail

“I don’t like working on tile, but we couldn’t remove it without destroying everything,” Terry explains.

To have a beautiful, engineered stone counter installed right over top was the perfect solution.

“It only took two days to install the counter and backsplash, and nothing had to be taken to the landfill.”

Of course, in today’s open-concept homes, it’s also essential that the kitchen look inviting and flow well into the rest of the space. With that in mind, the Sullivans also had the Granite Transformations team reface the fireplace surround in the same material as the kitchen for a modern, cohesive look.

Everett Home Remodeling Fireplace Detail

Just like the countertops, the process was seamless!

“They’re really great to work with – when I changed my mind about the backsplash, and wanted them to do that too, they were very accommodating,” Terry says.

“Plus, they have a terrific online tool that lets you envision what the space will look like.”

With the kitchen and fireplace completed, the Sullivan’s are eyeing their two bathrooms next. And when they’re ready, they already know who they’ll be calling to do the job!

Call us today to request your free in-home design consultation to start planning your home transformation, or use the online visualizer at Call 425-998-0107 or email to get started today!

Sullivan Kitchen Remodeling Quote

Her Kitchen Everett Transformation​

Everett Kitchen Remodeling

“This is the best project I’ve ever done”


When Dale Johnson moved from her custom-built home to a new-to-her rambler, she loved the garden and the location near family … everything about the home, except the kitchen.

With dated black counters and blonde cabinets, “it was the first thing on my list – I had to do the kitchen,” Dale says.

Contemplating the costs of a full renovation, Dale happened to hear from a friend about an exceptional experience getting new countertops from Everett’s Granite Transformations.

Everett Kitchen Remodeling

“I knew what I liked and what I wanted, but I also wanted to do more than the counters,” Dale says. “I had no idea they could do everything I wanted!”

Not only did the professional team install gorgeous new marble-look counters, they also installed a new farmhouse sink, subway tile backsplash, and all-new shaker-style cabinets fronts with new hardware and soft-close doors and drawers for a custom-look kitchen Dale now loves.

In fact, she loves it so much, she also engaged Granite Transformations to update two bathrooms.

“I had two bathrooms and the full kitchen updated and it was less than the estimate I’d received for just my kitchen,” she says. “It was not only cost-effective, it’s a quality product, and the staff were great to deal with – on time, COVID-conscious and considerate.”

It was also the little things about the team that resonated with her, like how they asked if they could donate her previous sink – still in great shape, but not to her design style.

And her kitchen? “It appears to be twice as large now. I brag about it all the time,” Dale says with a laugh.

“It was a tough move and I struggled connecting with this house, but the kitchen did it for me. I sit in the morning with my coffee and book, look at my kitchen and know that this is the best project I’ve ever done.”


Everett Kitchen Renovation


Discover the kitchen you love

In addition to their environmentally friendly engineered stone countertops and surfaces, ranging from a timeless marble appearance, like Dale chose, to a quartz or concrete-look finish, Granite Transformations also offers mosaic tiles and cabinet refacing with little-to-no demolition, stress or mess.

Even better, surfaces are built to resist stains, heat, scratches, mold and mildew, without ever needing to be resealed.

“A kitchen makeover is a great way to transform your space with a shorter timeline and at a fraction of the cost of a complete kitchen remodel,” says April Peterson, marketing manager at Everett’s Granite Transformations

Renovations made easy

When you’re ready to transform your space, reach out to us to request a consultation today.

For the Perfect You: Rochester Hills Hills Bathroom Remodeling


Does your bathroom need an update, but don’t want to spend the time, money and hassle of a full demolition? Is your bathroom vanity looking a little worse for the wear but you don’t want to just replace it with any old thing? Do you have an underused and old bathtub that you’d like to turn into a gorgeous stone shower enclosure? 


Maybe all three? 


Then welcome to Granite Transformations, where we make your renovation dreams come true— for much less than you might expect. Less money, less hassle, and less mess in your home. 


Bathroom remodeling in Rochester Hills, Michigan has never been easier with our special process and materials that can transform your bathroom into something you look forward to showing off. We use a low demolition model of renovation, that uses as much of your existing structures as possible to eliminate waste, time, and money. 


For example, our ultra-fine engineered stone countertops can use existing surfaces in your bathroom to provide a new and excellent look that’s stain free and microbe limiting, resistant to heat and scratches, and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. 


Quality, Beauty And Affordable Bathroom Remodeling in Rochester Hills, MI


We know bathroom remodeling can be a pain, but one of the things that makes Granite Transformations exceptional is our ability to complete renovations extremely quickly, many times in just one day. No longer will you have to wait on contractors for weeks while your bathroom is torn up, have contractors traipsing through your house endlessly, and have your life disrupted continuously to get the bathroom that you want. 


Just give a look to what some of our thousands of satisfied customers have had to say about Granite Transformations: 


“From start to finish, one of the best home renovation experiences I have ever had! I love my new kitchen countertop, sink & faucet……I can’t stop staring at them. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, & even took care in installing & cleaning up after the job was done. I would recommend Granite Transformations to anyone who is looking to update their kitchen or bathroom without the worry of having to do a lot of demolition.”

Annette F., Five Star Google Review 


“I heard about this product on a radio station.  We purchased it and are completely happy with the entire experience. From the sales experience, measurement, and installation to the final product we had nothing but positive experiences.”

Robert R., Five Star Google Review


“I’m so happy with my new countertop. I like the shine and easy care for a workable space compared to actual granite with special care and much more expensive. The countertop fits right over the existing top so the backsplash isn’t disturbed. Thomas and Steve installers were punctual, friendly and very professional. I highly recommend Granite Transformation due to quality, price and workmanship.”

Jessica H., Five Star Google Review


Granite Transformations Bathroom Remodeling In Rochester Hills Works With Your Style and Budget


Want bathroom renovations that look great and won’t break the bank? We’re your number one choice for a bathroom remodeling company in Rochester Hills. From the floors to the ceilings, we create transformations in no time for you and your family. 


They don’t call us Granite Transformations for nothing! 


Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote, and have the bathroom of your dreams in no time! 

Affordable, Beautiful Granite Countertops in Novi, Michigan!


Welcome to the website of Granite Transformations, your home for affordable granite countertops in Novi, MI. We use a special process to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a one of a kind masterpiece without demolition or high cost. 


Our process involves using your existing kitchen or bathroom surfaces to create brand new, intensely durable countertops, made right here in the United States. Our countertops are stress and worry free, stain, heat, and bacteria resistant, and virtually maintenance free. 


With our unique system, we can either transform or compliment any space to fit your unique wishes, all for less. 


With Granite Transformations, you can’t go wrong. They don’t call us Granite Transformations for nothing.   


“We had two showers refinished. Stephanie was very professional and informative when she came to quote the project. And Jason did a great job on the installation, he arrived on time and finished within the dates we were told!! We love it!”

Mindy, Shelby Township, Consumer Affairs Five Star Review


Novi Granite Countertops With Charm and Durability


Because of our unique system, where we place our specially engineered stone over existing surfaces in your home, we can create nearly any look from any material, all with style and value. In addition to multiple colors and styles of granite, we offer multiple colors and styles of: 


  • Recycled glass countertops 
  • Marble countertops 
  • Quartz countertops 
  • Concrete countertops
  • Travertine countertops 
  • And much more! 


Whatever your style, or the style of your home, we have beautiful and durable engineered stone to match, all without the traditional demolition, cost, and time of others. 


In addition to countertops, we offer complete kitchen and bathroom transformations, from the floor up to the cabinets. Are your cabinets structurally sound? Think about cabinet resurfacing, where the drawer-fronts and cabinet doors are replaced, saving time and money while creating a whole new look. Are your floors looking worse for the wear? We can assist in choosing and installing just the right floor for your needs. 


And this can likely all be done far more quickly and economically than a traditional contractor, because our processes are so unique and save both time and money. And if you’d like to see how your new kitchen or bathroom might look, take a look at the visualizer, right on our website. 


A new kitchen in a flash and for less? Sign us up! 


“It’s been a month since the install and we just love our new countertops. Jeff and his install team did an awesome job. They have an eye for detail, and treated our home like it was theirs. Jeff made suggestions when making the template which really made the finished project look great. The plumber Jason was great too. No leaks. He went the extra mile to ensure the sink was installed perfectly. Would hire them again!”

Lee, Milford, Consumer Affairs Five Star Review


Simply the Best Granite in Novi, Michigan


If you like the idea of a new kitchen or bathroom for less, give us a call today. We’ll send a design consultant to your home at your earliest convenience with samples and advice that can get you the kitchen you deserve, for less. 


After the absolutely free design consultation, we can generally have your new kitchen countertops installed within a couple of weeks. 


Contact us today for the kitchen of your dreams— for less! Less time, less money, less hassle. Granite Transformations has you covered. 


“Good experience all around – from salesperson (Troy, MI location), to measurer and installers. Very professional and knowledgeable. Looks great! Installers were careful not to make a mess and made a good impression. Would recommend Granite Transformations when you do not want to replace a countertop.”

Jerome, Rochester Hills, Consumer Affairs Five Star Review

Looking for the Finest, Easiest, and Most Economical Kitchen Countertops in Troy?

If you’re looking for kitchen countertops in Troy, Michigan, then look no further than Granite Transformations! We offer the absolute best engineered granite, stone, marble, recycled glass and many other variations of ultra high-quality countertops at prices our competitors simply can’t match.

How? It’s in our unique process. We use your kitchen’s existing cabinets, countertops and structure to create magic. Our countertops are impact resistant, stain resistant, bacteria and disease resistant, chemical resistant and heat resistant. Our countertops are installed directly over your existing countertops as an overlay.

This eliminates messy and costly demolition, reduces waste, and allows your countertops to be installed in as little as one day. We have received literally thousands of five star reviews on our work, and if kitchen countertops in Troy, Michigan are in your future, we’re the people to call.

“We had two showers refinished. Stephanie was very professional and informative when she came to quote the project. And Jason did a great job on the installation, he arrived on time and finished within the dates we were told!! We love it!”
Mindy, Shelby Township, Five Star Consumer Affairs Review

Affordable Kitchen Countertops in Troy for Any Taste

We offer an incredible amount of materials, colors and styles to choose from, styles to fit any sense of design or period. We offer, in many different colors and styles for each:

Granite Countertops
Quartz Countertops
Concrete Countertops
Recycled Glass Countertops
Marble Countertops
Travertine Countertops
And Mosaic Tile Countertops

All right here in Troy.

And kitchen countertops are not all we do. We also offer complete packages for the other rooms in your home, such as the bathroom, your mudroom, and even your garage. One of our favorite projects is turning an old, unused bathtub into something to be proud of with our shower surround transformations.

In addition to countertops, bathroom vanities, and showers, we also offer beautiful and effective floor coverings such as tile, as well as other interesting methods to transform your spaces at a minimum of cost and time, such as kitchen cabinet resurfacing. This is a process that replaces just the fronts of your cabinets and drawers to create an entire new look at a minimum of hassle and cost.

The bottom line? For complete transformation of your kitchen, bathroom and other spaces, think Granite Transformations.

“On Monday June 3rd, l had countertops installed by Justin and Steve. Service by these two gentlemen was excellent. Work was completed in a neat and timely manner. I was so impressed with my new countertops and would definitely recommend your company to all my friends and family!”
Carolyn, Southfield, Five Star Consumer Affairs Review

Fast, Beautiful Troy Kitchen Countertops

No matter what you’re in the mood for, Granite Transformations can accomplish your project at a minimum of cost, disruption to your household, debris, and time. Our products are high quality, specially made right here in the USA, and timeless. Our installers are the best in the business, friendly, and follow COVID and other health and safety protocols.

Simply, you can’t do any better than granite transformations. Give us a call today, and we can transform your kitchen from tired, to WOW! In no time flat.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

“The countertops in our guest bath and our master bath upstairs came out fantastic. The team was a pleasure to work with and Jason did a great job on the install. Both bathrooms look great and work great as well.”
Kevin, Novi Michigan, Five Star Consumer Affairs Review

Easily The Best Recycled Glass Countertops in Troy, Michigan


Welcome to Granite Transformations, your home for recycled glass countertops in Troy, Michigan, and much much more. Our unique materials and installation process make it comparatively effortless to create a brand new kitchen, bathroom or mud room in your home for a fraction of the cost and at a fraction of the time for traditional granite countertops. 

Our secret? We use your existing kitchen or bathroom structure to create beautiful transformations of your space with specially engineered stone, made right here in the United States. Granite Transformations manufactures the highest-quality countertops, using quartz, granite and recycled glass engineered surfaces at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

All of our E-stone surfaces are made with ForeverSeal, a proprietary polymer resin which ensures all these surfaces are heat, stain, scratch, mold and mildew resistant. ForeverSeal also ensures all our surfaces are nonporous and never need to be sealed – unlike traditional granite, quartz and marble countertops, all of which require regular sealing – costing you both time and money.

“We are very satisfied with the workmanship, the product and the guys that installed it. The work that Jeff did was excellent and very professional. I would recommend him and Granite Transformations to anyone that is looking for this type of work to be done.”

Ursula of Macomb, MI, Consumer Affairs Reviews


Not Only The Best, But Most Affordable Recycled Glass Countertops in Troy, MI


How is this so affordable? Our specially made surfaces are installed directly over your existing countertops, so you can have a brand new look in your kitchen or bathroom in a fraction of the time of a traditional renovation. 

Our methods save not only time and money, but are less stressful on your kitchen or bathroom, place less stress on your existing cabinets and surfaces, and are virtually maintenance free. This allows us to create new kitchen or bathroom spaces for you for just a fraction of the time or money of a more traditional renovation. 

If you’re looking for a hassle-free kitchen or bathroom makeover that will save you time and stress, you’ve come to the right place.

“[Granite Transformations installed] Den Window Bay and Cabinet Tops. Entire process – from selection to measurement to installation – was handled very professionally and everyone was a pleasure to work with. All commitments were met (appointment arrival times, length of appointment, cleanliness, etc.) This is the second time we have utilized Granite Transformations, and would definitely recommend them to others.”

Lawrence of Lake Orion, MI, Consumer Affairs Reviews


Troy Recycled Glass Countertops For Longevity, Look, and Life


In addition to countertops, Granite Transformations also performs beautiful renovations to all kinds of spaces where stone or tile is essential. We offer:

  • backsplashes 
  • bathroom vanities 
  • tub-to-shower conversions
  • tub surrounds
  • shower interiors 
  • Fireplaces
  • Flooring
  • And many more 


Our products are particularly suited to these needs, and can help you transform your entire living space for less— less time and money. 

Give us a call today, and we will perform an in-home consultation to see just how we can help you get the kitchen— and home— of your dreams. We’ll leave you with an all inclusive bid, show you samples of colors and styles, and answer any questions you might have.  It’s that simple to be on your way to the brand new kitchen or bathroom you’ve been dreaming about, for less. 


“[Granite Transformations installed] Granite overlay on kitchen counter tops – The entire experience was efficient and quick. Didn’t waste time, reasonably priced and followed through on everything they said they would do. The estimation was thorough and helped us think of everything. Made our old, original counter tops look fresh and new. Feels great to walk into the kitchen! Easy to care for and durable. Love the under-mounted XL sink that was recommended by the estimator.”

Jeanette of Canton, MI, Consumer Affairs Reviews