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Trend 239 Rectangular Staggered Mosaic

239 Rectangular Staggered

239 Rectangular Staggered mosaic is the ideal match for your renovation project

Semi-transparent molten glass mosaic tesserae are enriched with sparkling enamels and aventurine stone to create this beautiful blue rectangle tile mosaic. Color 239 Rectangular comes from the mixing of two different hues of blue with blue aventurine, allowing us to achieve the classic veining effect on the surface. Traditionally used by masons as an easy and strong pattern for building walls, the staggered layout draws the eye and adds interest even to a single-colored tile installation. This process from the seventeenth century (previously unknown in its entirety), allows the glass maker to create new effects in color, producing an adventure in design or “aventurine.”

Our installers can use two options: pre-mounted on TREND PLUS or with a clear plastic film on the face, depending on the area where they are assembled.

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