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Hydra White

Hydra White is made of predominantly quartz, and sits within our Natural Series. To be specific, Hydra White is composed of 93% of various types of post-consumer recycled glass, recycled pre-consumer porcelain, glass mosaic, quartz and granite that is mixed together, in different sizes, with a minimum quantity of polyester resin and colored powder pigments. The result is a gorgeous, consistent white stone look that pairs beautifully with any color. It is versatile, and perfect for kitchen or bathroom use. Our quartz countertops are stain, scratch, heat, mold and mildew-resistant because they are made with our proprietary sealing agent called ForeverSeal®. Our quartz countertops are as easy to maintain as they are beautiful, and are guaranteed for lifetime use with our warranty. You won’t regret choosing a quartz countertop from Granite and TREND Transformations.

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