Why The Kitchen is the Most Important Room of the Home

You have probably heard the old sayings “home is where the heart is” and “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” When thinking of these two phrases together, a logical argument could be to say that the heart of the home is the kitchen.

The Traditional Kitchen

Traditionally, kitchens were designed for cooking and to provide nourishment for the family, almost exclusively. . The traditional kitchen was often small and sectioned off from other living spaces in the house. But over time, the kitchen as we once knew it, underwent a major transformation.

The Transformed Kitchen

The modern, transformed kitchen is now flexible, welcoming, and serves many functions and purposes. In today’s age, the kitchen is no longer just for cooking, but rather an active space to spend your time; a space to entertain and a space to share with loved ones. After all, when you are surrounded by loved ones, you always feel right at home, right?

The kitchen is the centre of the home, everything flows through it, like the heart in our body. Our days usually start and end off in the kitchen, right? We make our coffee, eat our cereal, pack our lunches and, if we have time, read, watch or listen to the news, all before heading off to work or school. We come home, and on the nights we don’t have dance or hockey practice, we have meals together as a family, either at the kitchen table, or on our kitchen island.

Is it Time for a Transformation?

Maybe you are sitting in your kitchen reading this right now, and if so, take a look around. Have you ever wondered what it would take to transform your kitchen’s look and functionality? What would it take to reface your cupboards, replace your existing countertops, install a backsplash or go through a full kitchen renovation? It would increase your home’s resale value, and perhaps most importantly, provide more enjoyment of cooking and entertaining. If the idea of a major kitchen transformation seems daunting to you, you should know there are options available to you.

Kitchen Remodeling with No Mess!

It may be the right time to transform your space, and make sure whoever you use, a FREE in-home design consultation with one of their design experts is offered. Experts take the time to understand your specific needs and come equipped with swatches of materials to help design the most functional space possible with the best combination of colours and styles.

They can give your kitchen the gorgeous look it deserves, and without the stress of a messy demolition associated with the installation of ordinary countertop surfaces.

I am Tammy Younker and I am your Kitchen and Bath Renovation expert. At Granite Transformations, our projects are done in as little as a day, with no demolition or construction mess! Our work is professional and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

A famous musician once sang, “it turns out not where you are, but who you are with that really matters” but when it comes to a beautiful kitchen and spending time with family and friends, can it not be both? We certainly think so!