How an Upgraded Kitchen Adds Value to the Home

The kitchen is one of the most important and popular spaces in your home. It’s functional, conversational, and used multiple times a day. Whether eating at the breakfast bar before school, preparing coffee on the kitchen island or cooking dinner, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home.

Since every heart needs love to thrive, maintaining the integrity of the kitchen is important.  From regularly wiping down the countertops and cupboards after use to ensuring all knobs, doors, and hinges always work the way they should you will be able to effectively preserve the safety and well being of your kitchen space to the benefit of your family and friends. But wear and tear from consistent use catches up with time and upgrading the kitchen is something to consider.

A dated kitchen lacks personality or functionality. The professionals at Granite Transformations know that a beautifully designed kitchen provides years of enjoyment and pride. A fully functional kitchen enhances comfort and convenience to your daily routines. An upgraded kitchen adds efficiency and ease of use.

More Return on your Upgraded Kitchen Investment

In fact, there are additional reasons to upgrade a kitchen. Most investors and realtors know that an upgraded kitchen is an easy way to protect and maximize a home’s value.

John Steele from Your Choice Realty Corp. says “updating works for a slightly worn kitchen.” John notes some three-year-old kitchens look more worn out than fifteen-year-old ones.

“Refreshing a kitchen on a moderate budget could include new light fixtures, countertop overlays and tiled backsplash. It could also include refaced cabinets, updated faucets and modern door handles.”

While a simple refresh may work for some, John says if you go down the route of completely replacing the kitchen “then you are into the costlier version which includes the aforementioned updating renos, as well as new cabinets, countertops, modern appliances and more than likely new flooring.”

According to Steele, “a house with an updated kitchen (using a moderate budget of $5000-$8000) will potentially realize 75%-80% return on investment (ROI). Spending $15,000 – $40,000 for a complete renovation still yields a great ROI, but slightly less at around 70% – 75%.”

An upgraded kitchen provides current homeowners with years of enjoyment and pride but could also provide potential homebuyers with many of the features they may be looking for in their new home, namely, a more modern looking and functional home with nicer features than what they currently have.

Josh West from The West Team says that “renovations will help sell a home faster. Millennials are the largest percentage of home buyers today, and they are looking for nicer, more renovated homes. The better turnkey options realized, the more they are willing to pay for it.”

How much can an upgraded kitchen increase the value of someone’s home? According to West, “the average home is dated. You realize a higher valuation the minute it is renovated.” West explains “you could make your money back on the renovation investment, as long as all the other things are done, (i.e.: electrical switches, baseboards, ceilings, etc.).”

The Granite Transformation Ottawa process

Granite Transformations upgrades your kitchen with the features and functionality you’ve always wanted. Our process takes days, not weeks and for far less than you’d think. We take how much our clients value their homes to heart. We enhance your space in beautiful and functional ways with high quality products and our high touch, professional services.

Whether it’s refacing your cabinets, upgrading your counter tops or adding a vibrant backsplash, our team of professionals will improve your space in an effective and time efficient manner. So if you are thinking of selling your home now, or in the future, consider an upgraded kitchen to sell your house for more money. Learn more about how we can help transform your space today!