Mosaic Tile Backsplashes

Want a polished and elegant look for your home or business while also staying on-trend? Look no further than gorgeous glass mosaic tiles from Granite Trend Transformations. Our vast selection of mosaic tile backsplashes will offer a style that fits your needs. A mosaic tile backsplash is great for the kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, swimming pool, and just about any other place your imagination can dream up.

Granite Trend Transformations use only the highest quality mosaic tiles. Our signature collections — Liberty, Subway and Metropolis — are all hand-cut and are both stunning and practical. And best of all, just like our other surfaces, mosaic tiles from Granite Trend Transformations can be adhered over many common existing in-home surfaces, saving you time, money and messy demolition. Check out some of our renovations utilizing our gorgeous mosaics on our Design Inspiration page and get inspired. Don’t forget, mosaic tiles can be used in a variety of spaces other than just your kitchen or bathroom – you can create an accent wall in your bedroom or living room, line the perimeter of your pool, or surround your fireplace with it. The design possibilities are endless! Let us show you how you can put mosaic tile to work in your home and find a Granite Trend Transformations near you.