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The Microban® Advantage

Exploded view of Microban® Technology

One of the best aspects of the engineered stone countertops offered by Granite and Trend Transformations is our exclusive partnership with Microban®. This makes our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces the only engineered stone products that have built-in antimicrobial technology from Microban®. This protection lasts for the lifetime of your product! We are proud to add this protection to our engineered stone countertop surfaces that are already nonporous and mildew, mold, heat, scratch and stain-resistant. With Microban® protection, our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces are cleaner and better than ever!

What is Microban® technology?

Take a look at all the bacteria ordinary surfaces have!

Based upon standard laboratory tests and is provided for comparative purposes to substantiate antimicrobial activity for non-public health applications

Ordinary surface

Bacteria growth over the course of 2 to 24 hours on ordinary surface

Surface with Microban® built-in

Bacteria growth over the course of 2 to 24 hours on ordinary surface

How does it work?

Full integration

The Microban® technology is integrated into the surface during the manufacturing process. It will not wear away or wash off because it is a part of the molecular structure.

Surface contamination

When a person touches it, or the surface comes into contact with environmental conditions or there is a lapse in cleaning, it becomes contaminated with microbes.

Technology at work

The cell walls of the microbes are penetrated by the Microban® technology which prevents the microbe from reproducing and growing.

A cleaner surface

Microbial proliferation protection is present for the lifetime of the treated surface, and it also remains cleaner in-between regular cleaning.

What are the benefits?

Visible cleanliness, invisible protection

Visible improvement of product cleanliness is apparent without any effect on function, appearance, or durability

Works continuously

The growth of bacteria is inhibited 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Easier to clean, and stays cleaner longer

The Microban® technology keeps the surfaces cleaner between regular cleanings

Lifetime Protection

After Microban® is integrated during the manufacturing process, the protection will last the entire expected lifetime of the product.

Extended product lifetime

The engineered stone countertop surface will last longer due to inhibiting the growth of damaging microbes.

Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria

The proven technology inhibits the growth of a variety of different bacteria.

You've got questions? Well, we've got answers!

Answers to common questions video
Microban® surfaces have bacteria-busting technology, lifetime product protection, and they are up to 99.8% cleaner

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