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Cabinet Refacing

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Cabinet Refacing

Many people are under the impression that if they don’t like the way their cabinets look, the only solution is to completely tear them out and replace them. Before you do that, let’s talk about our Wilmington cabinet refacing and kitchen renovation services. With Granite and TREND Transformations, we make the process quick and easy with less demolition and mess. As long as there are no structural issues with your current cabinets, and you are happy with the layout of them, cabinet refacing is the solution for you!

Full demolition can be a major headache. With Granite and TREND Transformations, we bypass most of the mess of demolition so you can quickly get to enjoying your beautiful new cabinets with the help of our cabinet refacing services offered in Wilmington. Whether you want to resurface the cabinets in a home or commercial building, we are happy to help. Refacing means that we leave the outer structure of your cabinets alone and simply give the doors and drawers a facelift by replacing and updating them. This is a much less complicated way of giving your cabinets a fresh look and will transform the feel of your space.

We can reface many different types of cabinets, including kitchen islands, vanities, pantries, and more. As far as style goes, our kitchen remodeling experts can meet with you for an in-home design consultation to go over the three types of materials that our Wilmington installers use for cabinet refacing and decide which would be best for your specific situation. Within those three types (real wood, rigid thermofoil, and acrylic) there are many different styles, finishes, and colors to choose from. Our design team will take into consideration aspects of the room already in place, like crown molding, to make sure all the color tones and styles blend together nicely. We’re confident that we’ll be able to match your cabinet refacing to your vision.

The Wilmington cabinet refacing experts from Granite and TREND Transformations has helped liven up your spaces with a cabinet facelift for many years. For a quick, updated look to your cabinets without doing damage to your bank account, call us today to schedule a free design consultation.

The Cabinet Refacing Process

Our Wilmington cabinet refacing service happens in a four-step process. First, we would remove the current cabinet doors and drawers. Next, we would repaint and/or refinish the fronts and sides of the cabinets so that they match the new door and drawer faces. Third, under your discretion, we would either reinstall the original hardware or update that, too, and install brand-new hardware. Lastly is the installation of the new door and drawer faces. As you can see, it’s a fairly simple process, requires little time, and makes very little mess.

How Much Does Refacing Cost?

There are many factors that go into the pricing of cabinet refacing, like the number of cabinets and if you choose to use new hardware or not. However, one thing is for certain—no matter how big the project is, you can expect the cost to be at least half the price of a full cabinet replacement. Enjoy an upgrade to your cabinets while saving time and money. Call us today for a free consultation!

    Why Cabinet Refacing?

    Our cabinet refacing experts at Granite and TREND Transformations will evaluate the condition of your current cabinets and help you design the most attractive cabinet fronts to replace the outdated look of your home or business. We will reinforce the face of your current cabinets and match the new surface with your updated doors and drawer fronts. It is our goal to make your cabinets look brand new at an affordable price with a minimum amount of demolition and disruption to your everyday life. Imagine having a brand new look for your bathroom and kitchen cabinets in just a few days!

    Granite and TREND Transformations can bring your house or commercial space back to life with all of our bathroom and kitchen renovation services. Our team offers the finest in countertop collections, flooring options, as well as cabinet refacing. We will work with you to design the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams. Contact our cabinet refacing and remodeling experts today, and we will show you what your new updated space can look like!

    Discover everything you need to know about cabinet refacing, which will help you decide if this would be a suitable option.

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