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Cabinet Refacing in Phoenix

If you are ready for a fresh new look in your home or commercial space, but don’t want the expense or mess of a traditional renovation, we’re glad you’re here. Granite and TREND Transformations is proud to offer North Phoenix cabinet refacing, giving you the chance at a much-needed update with minimal demolition. Building upon the strongest parts of your existing cabinetry, our process involves the installation of new drawer fronts and cabinet doors. This minimally invasive process gives you a beautiful result, without having to waste perfectly sound cabinets. As long as your cabinet boxes are in good condition, cabinet refacing can give a facelift to your old, outdated space.

Ready for a fast, cost-effective kitchen and bathroom cabinet installation alternative for your North Phoenix home that is environmentally friendly too? Reach out to us at Granite and TREND Transformations and ask for your free design consultation!

The Time-Saving Cabinet Refacing Process

You wouldn’t trash your whole phone just because your protective case is getting worn. So why would you throw out perfectly good cabinets just because they’re outdated or you don’t like the color or finish? If you are okay with your current layout, and your cabinet shells are in good shape, then you’re a prime candidate for cabinet refacing. In Phoenix, standard kitchen and bathroom cabinet installation involves a messy demolition and huge expense! With our innovative refacing process, you can freshen up your cabinets with minimal time and cost.

At Granite and TREND Transformations of North Phoenix, cabinet refacing processes take the best, strongest parts of your cabinets, and simply enhance them with new doors and drawer fronts. This gives a wonderful, fresh look for your home or business, and eliminates the outdated style, without the hassle.

You can get stunning results from our simple, four-step process:

  1. Remove existing drawers and doors.
  2. Refinish or repaint cabinet boxes, matching cabinet faces.
  3. Update with new hardware, or move existing hardware to new cabinets.
  4. Install new drawer faces and doors.

This cabinet refacing process by our team in Phoenix is faster, less costly, and more environmentally friendly than traditional, demolition-heavy renovation.

Save Money With the Cost of Cabinet Refacing

The cost of cabinet refacing in Phoenix will vary depending on project size and materials, with small projects using laminate on the low end and large projects using real wood veneers on the high end. If you are not planning on reusing the knobs and hinges from your previous cabinetry, this will be another cost to keep in mind.

Whether you choose laminate or real wood for your cabinet refacing project, you’ll spend on average 50% less than the cost of cabinet replacement. Consider the cost of time as well, and that adds even more to your savings! For half the cost and a fraction of the time of kitchen and bathroom cabinet installation in Phoenix, cabinet refacing is the perfect solution for those looking to see a beautiful, dramatic difference in their kitchen or bathroom!

An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Cabinet Replacement

We’ve briefly discussed how cabinet refacing compares to kitchen or bathroom cabinet installation in Phoenix—it’s less expensive, less time-consuming, and customizable. Yet, these aren’t the only benefits you’ll enjoy from refacing your bath or kitchen cabinets. In the U.S., we throw tons of waste away and chop down billions of trees each year. If you’re searching for ways to go green with your home remodeling project, cabinet refacing is an easy way to cut back on waste and environmental harm. If you’re simply looking for an aesthetic upgrade, there’s no reason to toss functional cabinet boxes and framework! So for the Phoenix area, not only does cabinet refacing cost a fraction of the price, it sends a fraction of the material to the landfill. Looking for more ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle? Cabinet doors can often be recycled or repurposed for another homeowner looking to redecorate.

Why Cabinet Refacing?

Our cabinet refacing experts at Granite and TREND Transformations will evaluate the condition of your current cabinets and help you design the most attractive cabinet fronts to replace the outdated look of your home or business. We will reinforce the face of your current cabinets and match the new surface with your updated doors and drawer fronts. It is our goal to make your cabinets look brand new at an affordable price with a minimum amount of demolition and disruption to your everyday life. Imagine having a brand new look for your bathroom and kitchen cabinets in just a few days!

Granite and TREND Transformations can bring your house or commercial space back to life with all of our bathroom and kitchen renovation services. Our team offers the finest in countertop collections, flooring options, as well as cabinet refacing. We will work with you to design the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams. Contact our cabinet refacing and remodeling experts today, and we will show you what your new updated space can look like!

Discover everything you need to know about cabinet refacing, which will help you decide if this would be a suitable option.

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