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Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing from Granite and TREND Transformations offers homeowners and business owners the opportunity to have a stylish and updated look in kitchens, bathrooms and commercial spaces, all with less demolition and less mess than replacing cabinets typically requires. Our process utilizes the strongest part of your existing cabinets with the installation of new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. This less invasive process offers a beautiful new look and replaces the old and outdated feel of your current residential or commercial space. As long as you are not looking to change the layout of your existing cabinets, and your cabinet boxes are still in good condition, you are a prime candidate for cabinet refacing.

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Replacing cabinets is messy and time intensive. With Granite Transformations, you can skip the hassle of a full demolition and instead reap the benefits of beautiful new cabinets through our Colorado Springs cabinet refacing and kitchen remodeling services. Cabinet refacing is suitable for both residential and commercial applications and uses the existing cabinet structure and replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Cabinet refacing is less invasive than replacement and allows you to update the look of your cabinets at a much lower cost. If your cabinet boxes are in good condition and you do not wish to change the layout or location of your cabinets, cabinet refacing is the perfect solution for you.

Granite Transformations has served the community of Colorado Springs with cabinet refacing and kitchen remodeling services for a variety of residential and commercial clients for years and we look forward to helping you make your renovation dreams a reality. We can perform cabinet refacing on several type of cabinets including kitchen islands, pantries, bathroom vanities, and more. We offer three material choices for cabinet refacing including real wood, Rigid Thermofoil (RTF), and acrylic. Each option has its own benefits and our expert team can help you pick which option is right for your needs. Every one of our customers has a unique style and with our wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes, including glazed and unglazed options, there is sure to be something that fits your style and décor. Our design team has an eye for detail, so we carefully match your crown moldings and bases to each cabinet refacing job to make sure your new cabinet surfaces match your current features perfectly.

If you are ready to renovate your kitchen cabinets with a service that is cost-efficient, environmentally conscious, and fast, turn to Granite Transformations of Colorado Springs. Reach out to our friendly and experienced team today to schedule your free in-home design consultation.

The Cabinet Refacing Process

Many home and business owners may feel that they need to completely remodel their kitchen or bathroom cabinets if they no longer like the way they look. As long as you like the placement of your cabinets, there is no reason to perform a complete demolition to get new cabinets that you love. Cabinet refacing preserves the layout of your current cabinets, while giving them a fresh look and feel. This process is applicable to bathrooms, mudrooms, and kitchens and can be used for homes or businesses. Changing the framework of cabinets is a tedious process that is costly. With our Colorado Springs cabinet refacing services, you can get beautiful, new cabinets quicker and easier.

The cabinet boxes are the strong part of the cabinetry structure, making them the perfect base for installing new cabinet doors and drawer fronts through cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing is a simple, cost-effective process that updates the cabinets without having to rip out and replace the existing structure. For both commercial and residential renovations, cabinet refacing is the way to go. The cabinet refacing process with Granite Transformations involves four steps:

  1. Remove cabinet doors and drawers.
  2. Refinish fronts and sides of cabinet boxes to match new cabinet faces.
  3. Install updated or existing hardware to new cabinetry.
  4. Install new doors and drawers.

Cabinet refacing is much faster than full cabinet replacement and is substantially less expensive. It is also an environmentally friendly choice, as less waste ends up in the landfill.

How Much Does Cabinet Refacing Cost?

The cost for our cabinet refacing services depends on the scope of the project. Factors like the size of your kitchen or bathroom space, the number of cabinets that need to be refaced, and the type of materials chosen will all affect the total cost of the project. If you were to choose cabinets doors made of a material such as laminate for a small bathroom, the cost of the project will be significantly lower than choosing real wood veneers for a large kitchen space. If you are updating your hinges or hardware, you will also have to take those costs into account.

While there are several costs involved with cabinet refacing, you can still expect to see an overall savings of at least 50% over full cabinet replacement. Since cabinet refacing is a faster process than replacement, you can also enjoy the benefit of saving time in addition to money. If you are ready to improve the look of your cabinetry in your kitchen or bathroom, contact us at Granite Transformations to learn more about our cabinet refacing services. We look forward to working with you!

Eco-Friendly Home Remodeling

Many home and business owners are looking for ways to not only save money during their renovation projects, but also have the worked performed with as little impact on the environment as possible. Cabinet refacing with Granite Transformations is a straight-forward process that saves on time and money for our clients, but it is also much more beneficial for the environment than full cabinet replacement. If your cabinet boxes are still functional, why replace them? Cabinet refacing is a fraction of the cost of cabinet replacement and it is environmentally friendly. By not tearing out old cabinet boxes, you can reduce waste that ends up in the landfill and prevent formaldehyde, a hazardous chemical found in many cabinet boxes, from being released into the environment. Other homeowners can also use your old cabinet doors for their own remodel.

    Why Cabinet Refacing?

    Our cabinet refacing experts at Granite and TREND Transformations will evaluate the condition of your current cabinets and help you design the most attractive cabinet fronts to replace the outdated look of your home or business. We will reinforce the face of your current cabinets and match the new surface with your updated doors and drawer fronts. It is our goal to make your cabinets look brand new at an affordable price with a minimum amount of demolition and disruption to your everyday life. Imagine having a brand new look for your bathroom and kitchen cabinets in just a few days!

    Granite and TREND Transformations can bring your house or commercial space back to life with all of our bathroom and kitchen renovation services. Our team offers the finest in countertop collections, flooring options, as well as cabinet refacing. We will work with you to design the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams. Contact our cabinet refacing and remodeling experts today, and we will show you what your new updated space can look like!

    Discover everything you need to know about cabinet refacing, which will help you decide if this would be a suitable option.

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