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Travertine Countertop Installation

Travertine is a limestone that forms in or near hot springs. It’s found all over the world, but the largest deposits come from the Tivoli area of Italy. The Romans actually used travertine to build the Roman Colosseum about 2,000 years ago. Much of that world wonder still stands, which is a testament to the strength and durability of such a prized stone. Our gorgeous Sandart surface is composed of quartz and recycled glass, but we’ve engineered it with all the elegance and grace of travertine, which is often mistaken for marble.

We’ve chosen quartz because it is harder and more durable than either marble or travertine, so like all of our etherium® by E-Stone surfaces, our Sandart surface will remain maintenance-free, and is perfect for kitchen backsplashes and countertops, shower and tub surrounds, bathroom vanities, and even for outdoor applications such as pavers for your walkways and patio areas.

As with all of our surfaces, travertine countertops are easy to install. We install our travertine countertops over the top of your old countertops and other stone areas, which means there is no mess because our process requires little to no demolition. The work can usually be completed in less than a day, which means you’ll get all of the enjoyment from your new countertops the moment we walk out the door!

Our travertine countertops and other surfaces are personally manufactured by Granite and TREND Transformations at our facility in Sebring, Florida. We engineer each beautiful countertop with ForeverSeal®, our proprietary sealant that results in a nonporous surface that will never require resealing. Our travertine countertops are resistant to heat, stains, and mold and mildew. And because we control every step in the creation of our surfaces, we feel confident in our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Avoid the time and stress of a conventional countertop installation. Schedule a free in-home or virtual design consultation and start redesigning your home with some of the most beautiful surfaces you could ever imagine. We’ll be there to help you the whole way!

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