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Windows Make or Break Modern Homes

Last Updated on February 29, 2012

Modern homes feature ample windows that serve a plurality of purposes. Not only do they open up the interiors towards the great outdoors, they also fulfill more practical goals, such as ventilation, passive natural heating and soundproofing – all of them key aspects to consider, when striving to achieve a house design that is at once visually pleasing and environmentally friendly. There are many styles of windows out there to choose from. The range of glazing technologies to choose from is also wide. What you need to do in terms of selecting the right windows, when planning to build or purchase a new residence is to consider the location’s specificities, your family’s needs and cost-efficiency. It may sound complicated, but, in reality, there are just a few pointers that you need to follow for good results.

Hot or Cold?

First off, analyze weather reports of the area you’re going to move in. Even if it’s an exclusive residential neighborhood, try to visit the location at least once a week for a month, prior to the designing stage of the home or the purchase. Every neighborhood, every block and every street essentially acts as a microclimate. Modern homes with good glazing usually take all the particulars of the location into consideration. If the area is particularly windy or rainy, you will want to limit the glazed area on your most weather-exposed wall. This will improve your home’s thermal proofing, while also preventing you from prolonged exposure to a drab, rainy and ultimately depressing sight.

Framing the View

Lots of modern homes make use of picture windows, but knowing just where to have them put in is a skill that can be elevated to an art. Ask a landscaper or interior designer for help or make the choice yourself. Your goal is to perfectly frame the best looking part of your yard, garden or neighborhood with one wide window. Think about what you would want to see every morning, first thing, for the rest of your life. Is it the spires on the cathedral dome nearby? The park with its ever-changing leaf colors? Weigh your options carefully and also take into account the possibility that your neighbors might decide to build their own home right next to yours, thereby limiting your side views.

Modern Homes 2

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors are all the rage with contemporary, modern homes. They open up any room and allow the interiors to engage in dialog with the outdoors. However, bear in mind that the exact amount of glazing you will have put in is the exact amount of glazing you will have to clean regularly of handprints. Additionally, glass walls, while striking and very modern-looking, also limit your home’s soundproofing and thermal insulation. This is precisely why floor-to-ceiling glazing should be primarily considered by homeowners who live in exclusive residential communities, preferably located in warm climates.

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