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Bamboo Flooring

Why You Should Consider Eco-Friendly Floors

Last Updated on February 27, 2012

For those considering remodeling a home or those considering building a home, there are a wide variety of flooring options. Regardless of the material, color or style that you are looking for, there may be an eco-friendly option that will suit your needs. Eco-friendly flooring is good because it helps reduce indoor pollutant levels. Carpeting in particular can introduce toxic chemicals into the home. In addition, carpeting also holds a variety of allergens that can cause long-term health concerns.


In addition to the health benefits that eco-friendly flooring offers, there are many environmental concerns that they address. Eco friendly floors are also generally being made without the use of harsh chemicals, the flooring is created from materials that are easily sustainable and provide long-lasting beauty to all homes.

Types of flooring available

Many people believe that eco-friendly flooring limits their options. However, this is not the case. Eco-friendly flooring options include hardwood, bamboo, cork, tiles and even carpeting. For those who have smaller budgets, there is also an option that is similar to linoleum.


For those who love the look of linoleum, they may want to consider Marmoleum for their kitchen or bathroom. Marmoleum is the eco-friendly option. Marmoleum contains no toxic volatile organic compounds, commonly called VOCs. Marmoleum is available in a wide variety of colors that are suitable for any home. This option is also easy to clean and is highly durable.

Tile options

Tiling Can Be Used In Playrooms, Or Any Other Room In The Home.

Eco-friendly tiling may be created from either glass or ceramic. These are great options for both kitchens and bathrooms. These tiles are made from recycled materials and offer years of long-lasting beauty. They are also available in a wide range of colors guaranteed to suit any home. These tiles resist scratching and are durable and easy to clean. Tiling can be used in playrooms, or any other room in the home.

Eco-friendly carpeting

Typically when we think of new carpeting, we think of the “new carpet smell” that nearly all of us have experienced at one time or another. This new carpet smell is the result of harsh chemicals that the carpeting has been treated with. These chemicals provide stain resistant coatings but also add to the toxicity of the carpeting. In addition to the chemicals in the carpeting, glues and padding also contain toxic chemicals.

Fortunately, there are some carpeting blends that are made from post-consumer recycled products. Some carpeting is also made of wool or jute and have fewer toxic chemicals and also provide long-lasting beauty. These eco-friendly options provide all the luxury of carpeting without the harmful chemicals. Eco-friendly padding and glues for installation are also available.

Wood floor options

Many of us love the look of hardwood floors. When you want the beauty of hardwood flooring but want to get this look with the ability to continue to protect the environment, there are options. Reclaimed wood flooring is created by using flooring that is discarded from homes that were destroyed or renovated. In fact, wine barrels and siding have also been used to create reclaimed wood floors. This wood is carefully processed to remove metal from nails, chemicals and other toxins and is remanufactured into suitable flooring.

FSC-Certified wood is available in oak, maple and cherry and has undergone testing by the Forest Stewardship Council. Suppliers are required to guarantee they are following strict guidelines in preserving the environment. These hardwood floors are not only beautiful, but the material to create them is guaranteed to be replaced through replanting.

Bamboo and cork flooring are also available for those who want the beauty of a hardwood floor without contributing to damaging the environment. Because bamboo grows quickly, it replaces itself very quickly, unlike hardwoods that may require as many as 150 years. In addition, bamboo is extremely durable. Cork flooring offers consumers several colors and textures and can be purchased as either planks or tiles. Cork is stripped from the lower part of plants and therefore does not completely remove them from their natural environment. Some of the best things about cork flooring is it provides an insulating factor in the home, deadens sounds and may help reduce heating costs.

Eco-friendly flooring can add beauty to your home without the addition of harmful chemicals. In addition, these floorings are processed without harming the environment. The options are broad enough that regardless of what type of floor you are interested in, there is an eco-friendly flooring solution that will meet your needs. As we learn more about our ecosystem, each of us has a responsibility to ensure that we are doing everything we can to contribute to keeping our ecosystem strong. Electing eco-friendly flooring may not only help improve the health of our families by keeping harsh chemicals out of our homes but also helps make sure that we are not depleting natural resources.

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