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Whole-slab Installation: A Hassle You Can Avoid

Last Updated on October 30, 2009

When homeowners looking to update their kitchens are making decisions, there are two questions we hope they’ll consider. The first is pretty easy to answer:

What makes our transformation process better than a typical countertop installation process?

At Granite Transformations, to eliminate the hassle of demolishing old countertops and to shorten the time it takes for an overall countertop renovation project, we offer a quick and easier installation that generates less mess:

  • The process for a standard kitchen countertop and backsplash only takes 1 to 2 days.
  • In addition, we offer free in-home consultation by our designers to help you make smart decision when picking out colors and patterns for your kitchen.
  • Our unique Trend Stone slabs for countertops are cut precisely to fit over your existing old countertops. Using special adhesives, these slabs are attached directly on top of your existing countertops, eliminating a need to demolish them.

That last point leads to the second question, which is a bit more complex:

Why would you want to avoid removing your old countertops?

Let’s say you’re getting new stone countertops for your kitchen from an average contractor:

You are told by the contractor that your existing countertops must be removed before they can begin installing the new countertops.

You either do it yourself and spend hours – maybe days – tearing out the old countertops, OR you call up the contractor, agree to pay an additional fee to have them remove the old countertops, and they take a week to come in and a day or two to tear out the old ones. During all this time, you must spend extra money eating in restaurants and eating takeout because your kitchen is a mess.

When the demolition process is done, workers come in with whole slabs of granite; although already cut, these slabs still need additional fabrication on-site to fit perfectly into your kitchen, so your kitchen is out of commission for another week.

Finally, the long installation process is over – leaving you with the task of cleaning up the mess. But worse than that, if a professional designer was not consulted in the beginning, you may find that your new kitchen countertops visually do not fit the kitchen. It turns out the entire process was just painful and long, and not so much rewarding.

Ending up not happy with new countertops may not always be the case. Nevertheless, with a typical installation process of stone countertops, in which whole slabs are used to replace your old countertops, you must deal with the burdensome task of tearing out existing countertops. Why bear with this hassle, when your countertop transformations can be a whole lot easier and faster?

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