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What Makes a Modern Kitchen?

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

What Makes a Modern Kitchen?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably seen a fair share of fabulous interior home design ideas. They’re contemporary, they’re sleek, they streamline space use. But what principles actually hide behind these rather vague words? You might be here because you’re looking for starter tips on your upcoming kitchen remodel. In either case, you’ve come to the right place, as this post discusses the defining traits of a truly modern kitchen.

1. An Integrated Dining Area

Open spaces are essential in the layout of truly modern homes. They create the sensation of dynamism, free flows of circulation, and usually make great use of natural lighting. However, even if the size of your home won’t allow you to open up the floor plan by tearing up walls, you can always choose to set up the dining table in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is the core, the hub and the heart of the house, eating together in the warmest room of your residence is a great idea for family bonding. Practicality is also favored – you’ll have much less walking to do when setting the table and when cleaning up.

2. Cleverly Concealed Kitchenware


Modern homes hate clutter. Modern home owners take conscious, sustained efforts to make their clutter-free living spaces appear clutter-less. So, if you’re going for the modern look in the kitchen, you’ll definitely need to invest time and thought process into the organization of your storage spaces. They don’t have to be costly, just efficient. Think about the type of kitchenware you use most often: is it ponderous soup pots, compact pans or clattering ovenware? Or do you cook so rarely that you only really need quick access to dishes and plates? Whatever you choose, make sure your storage cabinet is cleverly compartmentalized and looks just as with its doors closed, as it does with its door open.

3. Built-in Appliances


The less you see of your own stove, oven, microwave and sink, the more modern your interior house design. Chrome and stainless steel are superb finishes for built-in appliances, and they both work perfectly with wood-veneered cabinets. However, sleek black glass, for instance is also an optimal choice in terms of kitchen aesthetics.

4. The Island


There is no statement more definite about kitchens in modern homes than the fact that the central island is essential. You’ve seen in on TV series and cooking shows. You understand how useful it is to separate your preparation and cooking space from the serving and storage space. So, if space allows it, definitely spring for having an island put in. Even if it’s a small one, with a single sink and just enough space for one person to cook a full, complex meal, there is nothing that says modern kitchen more than the island. Well, except, perhaps, for the…

5. Glass Countertops


They’re scratch-proof, can take the most scorching heat and freezing-cold produce with no damage, and they’re entirely eco-friendly. Glass countertops are easy to put in, made of upcycled materials, and represent just that finishing touch you need, if you’re looking to achieve sleek designs, worthy of truly modern homes.

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