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Hood Table

11 Ways to Upcycle

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Upcycling is basically the transformation of waste into something of greater use and/or value. More than mere recycling, upcycling is about giving discarded objects new life, and it’s more inspiring than, say, making a hot coffee sleeve out of old newspapers. We’re big fans of upcycling; in fact, one of our affiliates recently got some press coverage for our blue Trend Mosaic tiles, some of which are made from Skyy vodka bottles. So how can we upcycle in everyday life?

1. Work for your food

Bike-powered blenders, so you can get a workout and smoothie right after!

2. Swim in a dumpster

Brooklyn upcyclers turned two old dumpsters into portable pools.

3. Make a magical glass garden

In Philly, the city of murals, an eccentric artist made a garden of a glass and waste.

4. Turn your army helmet into a sculpture

Artists are turning unique artifacts into beautiful sculptures and art pieces. Find one that fits your personality or make it yourself!

5. Use a plastic bag as a bike seat cover when it rains

Why should you be forced to take the bus or drive when a rain coat and a plastic bag that you got from the grocery store are all you need?

6. Use old liquor bottles for percussion

I’ve seen buckets and single bottles being used as supplementary percussion instruments, but never a liquor bottle orchestra!!!

7. Turn an old fork into a ring

Why should a new set of silverware cause you to put them in attic or throw them away. Make your wife or girlfriend a beautiful (and cheap) ring.

8. Turn truck springs into a chair

I would buy that!

Tire spring chair

9. Take your old belts and make a floor mat

I once even used a belt for my car when it broke down in Virginia. A mat would have been a better idea!

Belt floor mat

10. Make the best of the junk yard!

Take the hood of your old car and turn it into a table instead of sending it to the pound.

Hood table

11. Take the pieces of a broken desk and make a super desk

Why should an leg, base, or drawer go to waste?

Be creative and make the best of what you’re going to throw away in order to minimize the use of virgin material. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, look at what other people are making for inspiration. Remember: the only way you will 100% know for sure your disposable gets recycled is if you upcycle it for you and your loved ones.

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