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March Madness Remodelling

What Does March Madness Have to Do With Home Remodeling

Last Updated on February 27, 2012

Every spring, March Madness takes over television sets across America.  Arguably one of the busiest playoff series in college sports, March Madness shows the top college basketball teams fighting for the right to be called the NCAA champion.  But what does March Madness have to do with home remodeling? Well, not only is March the start of one of the busiest seasons for home remodelers, but the playoff series also inspires men and women across the country to update their basements or “man caves” in order to enhance these spaces before the next season.

For anyone considering basement remodeling, not much motivates the way March Madness does with the frenzy of game activity and various parties you may be hosting. Although it’s likely impossible to complete your remodel before the championship game this year, the playoff series is still perfect motivation for homeowners looking to change their space for next year.  March is also a popular time to start your basement remodel project so that the project can be completed by the end of summer, making the space ready for those long winter months and fall football season.

Granite Transformations, although known primarily for its popular kitchen and bathroom remodels, has experience with remodeling basements as well, particularly bar countertops or guest bathrooms. When looking for a fresh look for your basement, Granite Transformations is the perfect option since the installation only takes a day, and leaves no messy demolition.

Because the spring and summer are typically home remodelers’ busy season, March is a great month to start the process of remodeling your basement.  Typically our design specialists are available to take your appointment and can schedule an install that works well with your schedule.  Don’t know if Granite Transformations is right for your basement? Call a local showroom and speak to a representative today.

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