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What Do You Want Your Kitchen Window to Do?

Last Updated on November 1, 2011

You’ve decided you want to replace the windows in your house. Your reasons for taking this important decision are very important. Perhaps you wanted to give a new flair to your interior design. Maybe you realized your old windows were not very energy efficient or did not provide enough soundproofing. Alternatively, you might want to update your windows to ones that make use of more modern materials or techniques. Whatever your reasons, the decision is a smart one, as winter is coming up, and homeowners everywhere opt for upgrades that will make their homes warmer and their maintenance less costly. But what about the specific functions that a good kitchen window must accomplish? Specifically, what makes a good kitchen window good?

Easy-Peasy Cleaning

First off, unlike the windows in the rest of the house, kitchen windows tend to get dirty much easier. All the frying, baking, boiling and subsequent dishwashing create residue. But since they say that “a dirty kitchen is a happy kitchen” (and we couldn’t agree more), the key is not to minimize the effects of kitchen activities, but to design your kitchen with the plan to make it as easy to clean up and keep in good order as possible. As such, good replacement windows should always be easy to clean from the inside of your home. Those seeking replacement windows CT, will find that casement windows are a great solution to this potential problem area.

Maximize Space

Another popular adage says you can never have too big of a kitchen. No matter how much space you’ve got, the kitchen always tend to overfill with kitchenware, dishes, pots, appliances big and small, storage items and so on. The number one principle to remember in order to deal with this problem is to provide your kitchen with plenty of storage cabinets and compartments and to keep everything handy. But what about the windows? What happens when you want to air your kitchen and opening the windows instantly eats up a quarter of the space available in the room? The situation is definitely unpleasant, but now there is an easy way to avoid it. Choose to have awning windows put in – you can open them to the exterior, allowing your kitchen space to remain whole and untouched. Additionally, awning windows and casement windows are great to put in above counters or other areas that require reach. Gliding windows are also a good solution when you don’t have that much space at your disposal. Have an awning window put up right above the sink. Looking out the window and admiring the surroundings will also provide you with a welcome diversion as you do the dishes or wash the veggies for that delicious soup you’re about to cook.

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Let in the Sun, Keep Out the Weather

The final aspect to bear in mind, especially for those who live in rainier or windier areas, is choosing a kitchen window that will allow them to air the room even when the weather isn’t stellar. Awning windows are great for this purpose, since you don’t have to open them completely, and they also open up toward the exterior. They will boost ventilation, let the sun shine through and won’t even cram up your limited kitchen space. Feel free to combine them with any other style of window – they are versatile enough to allow for mixing and matching.

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