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Door Handle

Weird And Wonderful Door Handles

Last Updated on October 27, 2011

One way of adding a bit of character to your home is by changing the door handles. These are a part of the home that are regularly ignored and only changed if completely necessary, with many people thinking, “It’s only a door handle”. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and here a few examples of wonderful and wacky door handles that could really add some flair to any home.

If you’re a fan of Greek mythology, then this may look familiar to you. This door knob seemingly represents Panetheus having his eyes pecked out by a bird as a punishment from Zeus for giving humans the secret to make fire. It’s certainly something that may make visitors think twice about their behaviour in your home, if not a little intimidated!

door handle 2
Photo courtesy of Astorg

On a similar note, here’s another way to mark your territory from a building on the Rue Rambuteau street in Paris.

door handle 3
Photo courtesy of Nep

The handle doesn’t always have to represent something, however. This woven handle is a nice piece of contemporary interior design that, to the naked eye, doesn’t really look like much yet still stands out.

door handle 4
Photo courtesy of Sualk61

Similarly, this handle seems to represent little but an upside down door knob, however it does stand out as being unique, and someone in Graz certainly likes it.

door handle 5
Photo courtesy of Jotefa

Here’s another interesting door knob with a religious theme – this time from Cologne Cathedral. The largest Gothic church in Northern Europe isn’t particularly famous for its door knobs, but they deserve a mention nonetheless.

door handle 6
Photo courtesy of Sandxr

There isn’t really much to say about this door handle, after all, it’s not all that clear what it actually is. It looks like it’s a rock in the grasp of some claws, either way it’s unique and sure to stand out on any door.

door handle 7
Photo courtesy of Sfgamchick

Finally, here’s one for the inner child in you. Remember the Walt Disney film, Alice In Wonderland? Of course you do! Well here’s the character The Door Knob serving its true purpose. The eyes even move when you turn the knob, providing the opportunity to release the child inside you.

Author Bio
Jack Oldham is a recent BA (Hons) journalism graduate who regularly blogs about window treatments, DIY and door handles.

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