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Ways to go Green in Your Bathroom

Last Updated on November 8, 2011

It’s a noble undertaking to make your home as environmentally friendly as possible. Now that “going green” is so popular and celebrated, there are endless ways to improve your home. You can decrease the amount of energy you use and the waste that you produce, buy organic or natural products, and in general increase your awareness of your own carbon footprint. Greening your home can be a very big task to take on, so it’s a good idea to keep it simple and practical by doing on room at a time. Here are some ways you can go green in your bathroom.

Reduce the amount of energy you use in your bathroom by replacing light bulbs with more energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. Even changing just one bulb will make a significant difference in the amount of energy you use when you flip on the switch.

Replace your showerhead with a low-flow model. This will greatly reduce the amount of water you use while taking a shower. There are many different types that can suite your preferences and still keep you comfortable. And take a shower instead of a bath whenever possible, because it uses much less water.

Shower Curtain
Don’t use a typical shower curtain that is made of PVC, which is rife with chemicals and can’t be recycled. Use a shower curtain that is made of linen, hemp, organic cotton, or coated nylon, for a more earth-friendly choice.

Toilet Paper
Use toilet paper made of recycled paper. Scott even makes a Tube-Free brand of recycled toilet paper that greatly reduces waste by leaving out the cardboard tube.

A simple way to use less water in your toilet is to reduce the amount that is needed to fill the tank. To do this, put a half-gallon bottle in your tank to reduce the space, and you can use half as much water every time you flush. Also, consider converting to a dual-flush toilet.

You can also install a low-flow faucet to reduce your water consumption. Also, be mindful of when you run the water – don’t keep it on when you’re brushing your teeth!

Definitely don’t use paper towels to dry your hands when a hand towel can be used repeatedly. Also, reuse your after-shower towel as many times as you’re comfortable with. You’re clean when you’re done, after all. Buy hemp or organic cotton towels.

Your bathroom cleaners are very bad for the environment and are one of the least eco-friendly things you use in your bathroom. Switch to natural cleaning methods to greatly reduce toxins. Sprinkle baking soda on your tub and sink alone, or combine it with water to form a paste, then wipe clean with a sponge. You can also use diluted vinegar or lemon juice. Another good tub scrub recipe is to mix baking soda with a castile soap, and then add a few drops of any good-smelling essential oil you like. Also, spray your shower after each use to prevent mold with a homemade spray of just white vinegar, or two cups of water mixed with two teaspoons of tea tree oil.

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