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Using Granite in your Kitchen

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. How often do you find yourself on the phone to your best friend with your kids at your feet while you cook up a storm? This bastion of homeliness and comfort is a very personal space, and you need it to reflect your diverse personality while still maintaining its functionality. Traditionally, homemakers would choose kitchen furnishings and finishes that were made to withstand the harsh hygiene demands of the kitchen, and as a result, your choices were limited to wood, linoleum, or marble. But nowadays, design conscious home owners are turning to granite as a stylish solution to their kitchen needs.

Unlike marble which can seem cold and elitist, granite is a warm, versatile material that reveals hidden depths of color, texture and warmth throughout your home. It is great in the kitchen because it is easy to clean, sturdy and solid, but with the added design benefit that it comes in a range of colors and styles that will accentuate this central room.

Modern kitchen design trends tend towards a more minimalist outlook, with muted, natural palettes that allow the designer to use functional appliances as accent pieces. Granite is ideal because it can be quickly and easily laid down as a countertop, or on the wall. The fact that granite is relatively easy to manipulate means that you can create large, slab-based designs, traditional tiles, or unusual inlay designs in your kitchen. The smoky hues, which vary from black to grey and purple and blue, are an ideal backdrop on which you can base your whole kitchen layout.

With many designers and home owners alike becoming drawn to a more naturalistic, uncomplicated feel, granite is becoming the material of choice in kitchens, particularly for countertops. The sturdy material is durable enough to handle all of the punishment that it inevitably receives in the kitchen, and in many cases people even feel comfortable using the granite countertop to roll dough, cut meat and prepare food. The hard, warm, earthy feel of the stone is calming and solid, and with the ever-increasing interest in the material within the design world, the price of this wonderful material is becoming more and more suited to the average family’s budget.

Granite is a great choice for the kitchen – stylish, homely, comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. Whatever your kitchen preferences, consider granite as a very real contender for sprucing up the most important room in your home.

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