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Granite Bathroom

Using Granite in your Bathroom

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Using stone furnishings in your bathroom makes sense on a number of design levels. Firstly, it is incredibly durable, and granite in particular is not likely to crumble or crack because of moisture damage. This sturdy stone is ideal for bathroom floors, tiling, shower floors, and shower tiling. The hardy rock is guaranteed to withstand any onslaught from the bathroom elements that in the past were responsible for so much unsightly damage.

Granite comes in an extraordinary array of color variations, from the subtle to the extreme. Most shades are based in a very metallic grey, but seems of color that range from black to blue are present upon closer inspection. This is ideal for the neutral palette that has accompanied the bathroom design revolution. Designers want to keep the bathroom as a clear, clean space that afford you privacy and comfort, and using granite as a soothing color base, many designers will incorporate colors that will achieve this effect.

Granite is a very warm stone, despite its cooler, neutral color, and this warmth is becoming popular with home owners across the globe. The soothing, smooth rock, which has enough textural variations to add depth, will add to a naturalistic, modern days in ways you would never have dreamed of. Even if you do not opt for granite tiles, a basin or countertop, or possibly a focus piece in granite, will automatically make you think of nature, as if your shower is a waterfall that you alone can access. This link between granite and rugged nature is a powerful draw card that contrasts nicely with many modern bathroom design trends.

Your bathroom is a sanctuary, and may be one of the few places in your home where you can be genuinely alone. Think about using granite if your bathroom needs a revamp – it will not let you down as a design choice.

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