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Understanding Cabinet Refacing

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Have you been putting off your desire for a kitchen remodel due to the sheer cost or hassle involved in a renovation? If so, that is completely understandable. Complete kitchen renovations are costly, time-consuming, and messy. And in our hectic world, who has time to put their life on hold for a few weeks while one of the most frequented rooms gets overhauled? Thankfully, you can get your dream kitchen and avoid the expense and mess of a renovation.

The best way to accomplish this is through a process called cabinet refacing. This route allows you to effectively overhaul your kitchen and get the cabinets you have pined over. But the best part is, cabinet refacing takes a fraction of the time to complete at a fraction of the cost.

So, what exactly is cabinet refacing? Below we explore what is involved in the process to help you fully understand cabinet refacing.

Before We Start
The most important thing to note is that while most kitchens are viable candidates for cabinet refacing, not all are. Your cabinet boxes (effectively the skeleton) need to be in good condition before any work can be completed. Our team of cabinet refacing specialists will inspect your cabinet boxes to determine whether your cabinets qualify for refacing.

Selecting Your Color and Style
You are in charge of your kitchen’s future look! You can select the color and style you want for your new cabinets. Additionally, you can pick out new hardware to highlight your gorgeous new cabinetry.

At Granite and TREND Transformations, we offer an extensive range of options perfect for cabinet refacing. Take some time to look through our online catalog for design inspiration.

The Process
Typically, a professional cabinet refacing will take approximately two to four days. That is significantly faster than the weeks involved in a full cabinet replacement!

  • Cabinet doors and drawers are removed. Their fronts are then removed.
  • Cabinet sides and the front part of the cabinet boxes are covered with a natural wood veneer (typically).
  • New hinges are installed if the old ones are worn.
  • Your stunning new cabinets and drawers are installed.
  • Any new fixtures you have chosen will be attached.

And that’s it. It is an incredibly easy process. But it will utterly transform your kitchen.

When you’re ready to start, reach out to the Granite and TREND Transformations team. We are here to help you finally get the kitchen you have dreamed of. Our extensive product selection gives you the freedom and flexibility to go down nearly any design route. And if you want a little guidance or inspiration, we also help with that. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation with our skilled design team.

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