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Lavender Modern Bathroom

Ultra Modern Bathrooms

Last Updated on January 11, 2012

12 most creative bathtubs

Shower and/or bathtub plus a sink and a toilet equal the universal facilities commonly referred to as a bathroom.  How varied can designs really be with these standard functional necessities defining its space?  Depending upon the amount of square footage available there are many interpretations of this familiar space. Let’s take a look at the sleek, angular and uncluttered designs that are starting to grace the most necessary room in the house.


Bathtubs are a thing of beauty and can be displayed (rather than sunken) with pipe exposure to accent.  No need to hide the angular beauty and smooth lines of pipe.  The focus is about the materials incorporated to solicit a tactile sensation.  Minimalist presence helps clear the mind and create an atmosphere of tranquility.  Wood and colorful wallpaper are ways to diversify texture and dimension.

Aqua Modern Bathroom

These matching fixtures are offset by the brightly colored, tiled walls contrasted against the charcoal accents and well-placed lighting.  Light is used in this bathroom to create density of dimension.

White Modern Bathroom

2012 modern design trends are predicted to have a lot of pure white rooms.  Though this bathroom provides the designer with a lot of space to work with, modern themes allow and even encourage the use of center stage rather than corner and wall hugging facilities.  The opaque use of white space delivers an environment of peace without distractions or darkness.

Organic Modern Bathroom

Built in ledges for artistic space and sharp angles can be a dramatic but functional expression of design in modern bathrooms.  Eliminate wall art and shelving in favor of a complete room motif that draws the eye to the floor to ceiling ambiance of the room.  Using houseplants will also bring a serenity and healthy cleansing atmosphere to the bathroom.

Ultra modern bathroom vanities incorporated into your new house plans will update your home drastically.  A total lack of clutter, angular lines, strong materials and lots of light are the hallmarks of modern bathroom design.

Lisa writes about interior design trends and Austin homes for sale.

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