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Mudroom with cabinetry

Turn Your Entryway into a Functional Mudroom

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Make Room for a Mudroom

Just what you needed: another dedicated room in your home. But seriously, you do. Nothing beats a mudroom to help keep the rest of your home clean. More and more, homeowners are remodeling their secondary entry spaces to make them into functional – and attractive – mudrooms. They provide lots of necessary storage space and a dedicated place for all your children’s dirty sneakers, coats and outdoor gear (not to mention yours too).

Mudroom Basics

Typically, the areas that can be spared for mudrooms are small, so it’s essential to make great use of all available space. For instance, you’ll probably want to build some bench seating for the family where they can pull off muddy, wet, slushy, and generally yucky boots and shoes. While you’re at it, be sure to build lots of space-saving cubbyholes under the benches for storage.

Store More

Build storage throughout the space. A sliding library ladder (if you have the space) makes it easy to get to your stuff and adds a cool, unique touch as well. And, of course, include lots of hooks, hooks and more hooks for hanging up all those wet coats and jackets, where they can drip-dry. Built-in shelving can line the walls for easy access to items used the most, and baskets can help to keep everything organized. Locker shelving units are also becoming popular – each person in your family can have one.

White mudroom with storage

Décor and Floor

Pick a design theme and select colors and materials based on this theme. Popular themes might include “Classic Country,” “Balmy Beach,” or “Majestic Modern.” Be sure to match the design scheme with the rest of your home. What’s an attractive yet practical flooring material? You’re probably going to want to avoid carpet, as it will get absolutely filthy in no time. So, here’s a better idea: Beautiful, stylish, mosaic tile or quartz from Granite Transformations! Not only is it easy to clean with just a few swipes with a mop, the textured mosaic surface remains non-slip when wet.

For more mudroom and other home design ideas, call Granite Transformations. To schedule a free in-home consultation.

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