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Bathroom featuring walk-in shower

Benefits of a Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Last Updated on April 12, 2022

Is your bathtub the one thing in your house that is getting the least amount of use and soaking up valuable space? Have your children grown up and you no longer need a tub? Tub-to-shower conversions are a hot trend among today’s homeowners, as the “tub-less” bathroom is showering homes with safety, style and function.

Gorgeous full mosaic tile walk-in shower

Tubs are out

According to the 2013 Home Design Trends Survey by The American Institute of Architects, more than 60% of homeowners preferred a stall shower without a tub. Let’s face it: soaking in a soothing hot bubble bath may sound like a great idea, but how many of us really have the time or luxury to indulge ourselves? Tubs are often a necessity for bathing small children, but when they grow up, why would you need it?

Shower safety

Tub-to-shower conversions are becoming more popular with empty nesters and seniors as they view walk-in showers as a safer alternative to their bathtubs. Climbing over a bathtub wall can present a safety hazard as we age. Converting your tub space into a spacious walk-in shower not only brings you peace of mind, but it gives a beautiful and more sophisticated look to your bathroom. There are many benefits of a tub-to-shower conversion including stylish seats and handrails can be installed in the shower for extra stability, making a walk-in shower a safer and convenient option. It’s important to note, however, that real estate professionals suggest keeping at least one bathtub in your house to maintain your home’s market appeal (for families with small children).

Stone shower with mosaic inlays

Making the switch

Barring a total bathroom renovation, a simple tub-to-shower conversion may not be as difficult as you think. For example, removing a tub located in an alcove will leave you with a space roughly 30 to 34 inches deep and five feet wide. This is a good amount of space for your new walk-in shower, and with just a few tweaks, your water and drain lines will be where you need them, thus reducing additional plumbing costs.

For free-standing tubs, you may have to do some additional planning. Typically, free-standing tubs are placed near a window. Experts agree that you should avoid windows in your new shower area, which means you’ll need to move your shower to a different location in your bathroom; preferably close to existing water supply and drain lines.

Know the numbers

In order to reap the benefits of a tub-to-shower conversion, here are some details to keep in mind. Knowing how much space you need ahead of time can save you a hassle once you remove your bathtub. Here are some suggested guidelines to follow:

  • Shower stall floor: at least 30″ x 30″
  • Shower stall width:  36″ x 36″, as recommended by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)
  • Completed ceiling height: at least 80 inches
  • Distance from the side of toilet to shower wall: 18 inches measured from the center of the toilet to the wall is recommended; 15 inches is the minimum acceptable distance
  • Distance from front of toilet to shower wall (or any wall): 30 inches measured from the front of the toilet bowl to the wall is recommended; 21 inches is the minimum acceptable distance
  • Shower door swing: door should clear any obstructions, such as the toilet and vanity, and the installation of glass doors or using a shower curtain can resolve any door swing issues

Walk-in shower

Making it beautiful

Your new shower can be a great place to show off your design creativity. Whether you want to go with quartz or add an accent of beautiful mosaic tile, Granite Transformations has an elegant selection of tiles to turn your new shower into an oasis of luxury.

A tub-to-shower conversion may be just what you’ve waited for. Just think, you can finally step into your shower without the worry of climbing over a tub wall, and you’ll even have enough room to sit down if you need to. Experience the benefits of a tub-to-shower conversion by turning your dead tub space into your dream shower. You can have the peace of mind knowing your next shower experience is only steps away.

To learn more about Granite Transformations and how to add a touch of beauty to your new shower, visit to schedule your free in-home design consultation.

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