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Trendiest High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets & Appliances

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Smart technology just keeps getting smarter, as innovators continue to “cook up” the hottest must-have kitchen gadgets for tech-savvy homeowners. From cool kitchen tools to high-tech appliances, cooking as we know it just went up a notch.

Get ready to add another app to your smartphone. Kitchens of the future will make quite a stir, as these high-tech kitchen gadgets and appliances will surely shorten your time in the kitchen and make daily culinary tasks a breeze.

Shared Shopping List App

The days of writing out grocery lists – and leaving them home on the counter – have come and gone. Meet Hiku. This smart shopping app allows you to scan barcodes and it also has voice recognition to allow you and your family to create shared shopping lists. Just download the app and you’ll have your list everywhere you go. You can even connect it to online stores to make shopping online easier.

Photo Credit: HGTV


Smart Fridge

Imagine a refrigerator that acts like a juke box, tells you when your food is going bad, and even offers recipe suggestions. The Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge does all this – and more. An embedded camera takes a picture of the what’s inside your fridge every time the door is closed, and even alerts you when a food item is ready to spoil. This is such a great feature when you’re at the store, wondering if you have enough milk. Don’t know what to cook for dinner? The built-in touchscreen displays recipes and allows you to reorder food. Oh, and it keeps your food cold as well.


Smart Fridge
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Smart Wi-Fi Thermometer

Set it and forget it. No more peeking in the oven to check if your meal is ready. Now, you can enjoy the company of your guests and check your meal from anywhere in the house with this Wi-Fi thermometer app from Williams Sonoma. The app even has pre-programmed settings which offer cooking suggestions.

Wi-Fi Thermometer
Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping


“Touchless” Trash Can

Kitchens of the future are going “touchless,” and what better place to start than with a germy trash can? With a simple hand gesture above this trash can from Simplehuman, you can dispose of what you don’t need while the lid remains open. Imagine – no more back-of-the-hand slaps from the lid.

Touchless trash can
Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping


Digital Measuring Cup

This digital measuring cup eliminates the guesswork because it measures by weight instead of volume. It even converts from ounces to grams, getting it right every time.

Digital measuring cup
Photo Credit: HGTV


Smart Wi-Fi Tea Kettle

Tea lovers, listen up. Any time is tea time, right? This Wi-Fi-enabled tea kettle allows you to skip the boiling process and pre-boil water from anywhere via an app. You can even choose your temperature, so it’s perfect when you get up from the couch or get home after a long day.

smart tea kettle
Photo Credit: HGTV


Granite Transformations Countertops

Countertops from Granite Transformations are a beautiful way to show off any of these must-have kitchen gadgets. Choose from a wide variety of quartz, granite or recycled glass surfaces that are stain, scratch and heat-resistant – and backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. These truly are the countertops of the future. They are installed in as little as one day, right over your existing countertops, and require very little maintenance and absolutely no sealing. Granite Transformations has raised the bar to meet the demands of future high-tech kitchens. To get a countertop of the future, schedule your free in-home design consultation today. To help you imagine what your new kitchen space might look like, view a sampling of some of our gorgeous renovation projects.

White kitchen with Statuario countertops and backsplash by Granite Transformations

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