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Apartment Hunting

Top Tips for Apartment Hunting

Last Updated on October 21, 2011

Looking for a new apartment can be an exciting process. Seeing a wide range of properties and picturing yourself in them can be a fun experience, as can the prospect of finding a good deal or something that you may not have even considered. It is however important to be thorough and attentive when seeking out a new home in order to be truly happy. When you start apartment hunting, keep in mind a few pointers, such as:

Use Your Time Wisely
In order to use your time in a productive manner, make sure that you set up a number of showings on the same day. If you are working with only one letting agent, have him or her arrange things so that you can see the flats in quick succession. Not only will this speed up the process by ensuring that you don’t have to wait for days between showings, but it will help you compare the flats more effectively since the last ones will be fresh in your mind.

Measure Your Furniture
Before you go flat hunting, take some time to measure the big pieces of furniture that you already own. This could include items such as beds, chairs and tables. You want to know how big these are so that you can accurately imagine them in the new flat. If the agent tells you how long the wall is in the bedroom, or how large the room is overall, you will not know what this really means unless you know the size of the objects you want to place inside the room.

Look For Problems
When viewing a flat, you will be shown the positives first. This is natural, and shouldn’t cause any concern, but make sure not to let the good aspects prevent you from seeing the potential problems. Look for any hidden signs. Darkened patches of wallpaper, for example, could indicate a water leak, or a rattling noise in the heating vents could mean that they do not work. Make sure you are aware of any problems with the flat before deciding on its value.

Ask The Right Questions
Above all, you must ask the right questions when you are talking to the letting agent. Ask when repair work was last done on the flat to figure out if you will need to make any repairs in the near future. Ask how many people have lived there; the more people who have used the space, the more issues there could be. Be sure to ask if there are any special rules and regulations that you should be made aware of so that you are not taken by surprise. Lastly, ask if the price is firm or if you can negotiate.

Dane Cross writes on behalf of One UK, a UK based estate agents who specialise in apartments and flats in Leeds.

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