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Home Improvement Doesn't Need To Break The Bank

Top 5 Trends for Saving Money During Remodeling or Building

Last Updated on October 30, 2011

Today’s economy has made it essential for those who are planning building projects to consider every cost advantage they can find. Making sure they save money but also build without losing quality is key and of course maintaining their own unique style is important to them as well. So how can you have it all? Well it’s not easy, but if you plan your home remodeling or building thoroughly then you will be happy with the results both financially and aesthetically.

1. Building Plans
Having land or a lot that can be built upon without having unnecessary costs for tree removal and land clearance will of course save thousands of dollars. In addition, if the property is already water and sewage connection ready that will keep more of your money in the bank. Before beginning the building project obtain the city and county building permits necessary for where you live. Read the regulations for building height and weight and check for any other building requirements for the property you are building on.

2. Type of Building
It has been proven that a two-story structure building or home will save hundreds of dollars in construction materials. A two-story will still provide the same living space as a ranch constructed home, and it can be built on less property. Of course, you will want to keep your dream design in mind, but you may be shocked to realize that with just a little modification, your dream home can be much less expensive as a two-story structure.

3. Designing the Building Plans
Pre-planning on your part will provide cost savings too. Consider the size of your furniture, walking areas, window placement and door size when deciding the floor dimensions. Having a large piano would require the area to be larger. Essentially, try and think of many of the pieces of furniture you already own and see if they can fit in your new living space. Aside from the cost of building, furnishing can be one of the most expensive parts of any home. If you can plan before your home is ready, you may find use for some of your current pieces and may also be able to pick up less expensive pieces when you come across them.

4. Purchasing Building Materials
Use the ‘Keep It Green’ for material cost savings while also helping to have an environmental minded building or home will protect the world. Use recyclable construction materials whenever possible. Consider reusing cabinets and home fixtures whenever possible and remodeling or refinishing with new paint and surfaces. Essentially, the less new products you consume for your new home, not only will it be less expensive, but it will also be better for the environment as well.

5. Contracting The Construction
Any time you can do some of the construction yourself, money will be saved. You want to save money but the most aspect is that you don’t lose quality on construction. Compare contractors in the area and get references when possible. Another suggestion is to actually visit some of the building projects they have worked on. The visit will allow you to see firsthand the quality of workmanship.

These are the top five essential suggestions that can keep more money in your pocket. With a little pre-planning you’ll have less surprise re-builds or additional costs. Of course that means fewer headaches or mistakes made and when completed you’ll have a beautiful, quality built building that you can be proud of.

Janelle Williams is a money saving diva who enjoys saving money on home improvement and many other aspects of life. She is also a contributing writer for CouponCroc, a site which offers a variety of savings and Asos discount codes to make life more affordable.

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