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Evaluate Your Home Fixtures

Tis the Season to Evaluate Your Home Fixtures

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

The time is almost here. The days we must entertain and impress our loved ones for Christmas, unless you plan on traveling to someone else’s house this upcoming holiday weekend. It’s never an easy task, what with making sure the food is prepared, the house is clean, the children aren’t tampering with the gifts under the tree until the morning of Christmas. This time of the year also acts as a real litmus test for you and the current completion of your home.

How do your countertops stack up? Are the linoleum finishes beginning to wear? Could new granite countertops perhaps be in the cards after the holidays? Perhaps some new mosaic shower walls to wash away the grimy tile you currently have? When people come and see what you’re packing from a domestic perspective the weakness become that much more glaring.

Some gorgeous glass cabinets.
Some gorgeous glass cabinets.

It’s certainly too late to revamp your kitchen, bathrooms, and fireplace surround in time for the rabid eyes of holiday friends and family, but searching for the perfect new look can easily be done after the holidays. It might actually be the perfect mix of people to let you know if your current setup is a little too 1986. At least you should be able to count on your family to let you down easy, but still keep things honest…right?

You could even go crazy with mosaics.
You could even go crazy with mosaics.

In any event, tis’ the season for old appliance and home fixtures to get the once over from some discerning, but friendly, eyes. Who else to tell you your countertops remind them of a school cafeteria than your brother? Who finer to let you know that they stopped producing cabinets like the ones you own in 1978 than your old college roommate? Let your friends give it to you straight.

Tis the season to reconsider the way your home is put together. Go forth! Enjoy the holidays, new countertops or no!

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