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Tips on Keeping Warm this Winter

Last Updated on October 20, 2010

Up above the Mason-Dixon each day seems to be slightly brisker, just a little bit breezier than the last one. Air conditioners up in the Northern United States have all but been removed from windows or turned off, should it be a central unit. It’s the time of year to start fortifying the home with warmth in mind. Here are some warm winter ideas that should help you get through the relentless cold that approaches.

1) Make sure your windows are sealed.
This is invaluable in assuring a well heated room, and all too often we overlook this. Overtime window frames can become warped, while in some cases the frame was never built up to Fort Knox standards in the first place. In the event you’re losing heat through cracks in your windows try buying rubber sealing that adheres to the cracks and corners of your windows. It’s cheap and easy to use, but it may strip some paint off upon removal. More expensive options include cellular shades that allow light to burst in while covered the window corner to corner, or layered curtains to curtail drafts. People lose 15-35% of their heat through the windows so be wary of it.

2) Stock up on firewood early.
Whether you use Duraflame logs or real, chopped lumber make sure it’s in your house and ready to go far before you need to use it. It’s a lot better than wanting to stoke the fireplace and the wood is a) outside or b) at a store – neither are choice options. Get an indoor stock early.

3) Change the furnace filter.
When a filter is dirty the furnace has to work harder to keep your home warm. Replace the filter at the beginning of the season, and again every two months or so during the coldest months.

4) Cover bare areas with are rugs.
Feet on cold tile or wood can be an alarming way to get out of bed in the morning. For those winter months try placing a thick area rug down next to the bed, in the living room, or wherever else your tender feet place strides during the winter. Slippers are something to consider if rugs aren’t your thing.

5) Block drafts.
Drafts can come from underneath doors, whether it’s your front door, back door, garage door, or any door that opens on traditional hinges. Pick up a sliding door stopper that fits underneath the door frame and blocks air from passing through. Try a towel or blanket if you’d rather now purchase a draft blocker.

6) Move to Miami.

Stay warm!

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