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Through the Keyhole: Looking at modern Bathroom Accessories

Last Updated on October 6, 2011

A free standing bath and a bathroom cabinet mirror means that you have more space than ever as you can work around it with other furnishings. This image shows a contemporary bathroom that looks minimalist and clean, offering a calm ambience in a wide open space. Neutral furnishings against a dark oak floor definitely give the look of an eco-natural spa. A free standing bath means that you have more space than ever as you can work around it with other furnishings.

You may not have recognised this before but a bathroom mirror can actually change the way your whole bathroom looks and feels. As we stare into them every morning with fright, this piece of interior can actually be the hidden gem to full stylish completion.

Cabinet mirrors can make your bathroom look more spacious by creating an optical illusion. They work well as an ultra-modern furnishing in an up-to-date bathroom. Hide all your ugly shampoo bottles and toothpaste tubes behind the stylish doors and organise your morning vanity products. You will be pleased to know if you include mirrors with lights; it saves on extra lighting within the bathroom during daily use.

bathroom 2

bathroom 3

Bathroom mirror cabinets with built in lights provides a glamorous spot to put on make-up or the perfect place to shave. This slick design creates soft lighting that isn’t too overpowering or startling. Placing pretty soap dispensers and perfume bottles in front of the mirror can create a fashionable artistic image, saving on extra wall art or décor. If you place this mirror close to a window, the natural daylight will reflect against the glass and brighten the entire bathroom (perfect if your overall interior is fairly dark).

bathroom 4

A mirror that is outlined with lights actually provides a theatre, dressing room experience that is perfect for everyday activities such as applying makeup and tweezing eyebrows. If you are looking at creating a peaceful and tranquil spar like atmosphere, mirrors such as the one featured above really enables you to do so.

Infinity Mirrors

infinity mirror
Infinity mirrors will transform your bathroom into a futuristic compound that will be impressive to any visitor. With the optical impression of never ending light that escapes beyond the depth of your walls. Infinity mirrors are set with an innovative touch sensor that enables you to control the lights with one touch. An infinity mirror simply takes you to another world of contemporary bathroom living.

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