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Steel Tile Flooring

Three Modern Kitchen Floor Tiling Ideas

Last Updated on December 13, 2011

Floor surfaces, together with walls, dictate the vibe of any room, be it a kitchen, a bathroom or a children’s room. Consequently, updating the design of your floor tiling is a sure-fire way of updating the entire look of the room. Since the floor is one of the largest continuous surfaces in the room, the visual impact is bound to be major, and the effect on your visitors likewise. However, it is a costly and time-consuming home improvement process, and one which no one would want to enter lightly. To add to the list of grievances related to updating your kitchen floor design, the range of options seems to be severely limited. What more can one do with one’s kitchen floor, other than put in new tiles? Actually, there is a whole lot one can do with a little imagination, good planning and a solid grasp on the look one wants to achieve for the room. Read on, for three possible ideas that you might want to implement inside your kitchen.

Modern Steel

Before kitchen design purists start throwing a fit about how steel is not a practical solution, it’s worth mentioning that covering your entire floor in steel is, indeed, probably not a good idea. However, steel, with its shimmering surface and clean aspect can work as a great accent, especially in a modern kitchen, with a streamlined sense of space, built-in appliances in chrome and sleek lines. Use steel tiles in conjunction with grey, white or black porcelain or marble tiles—or even with exposed concrete, to break the visual monotony. Make sure, however, that you find good quality tiles. They can be difficult to come by and rather expensive. All in all, though, they area worthy investment that will definitely update your cooking and eating space.

Industrial Flooring

Industrial Flooring

If you live in an urban setting and want to bring some of that bustle and dynamism indoors, why not spring for industrial flooring? It works great in homes with a post-modern, post-industrial feel, where the rest of the design is either minimal and restrained in subdued neutral colors, or, quite the contrary, hectic and colorful, with lots of influence vying for one’s visual attention. The main advantage of this type of flooring is durability. A type of tile that has been employed in factories and warehouses is sure to provide staying power, causing you to forget all about wear and tear. In addition, industrial floor tiles will also prove much easier to clean and maintain than regular ceramic tiles.

Faux Hardwood Flooring

Faux Hardwood Flooring

Many will rush to say that the kitchen is no place for hardwood. It gets dirty and humid, which makes the maintenance of wood a terrible hassle and also causes the material to swell and crack, with the planks becoming unhinged. All this is true. What do you do, though, when you want to achieve a classic or rustic look in your kitchen? You go for faux hardwood in the form of laminate flooring. Maintenance will instantly become a breeze, while humidity problems will turn into a thing of the past. Laminate flooring comes in an infinite variety of textures and colors, from warm oak to deep mahogany, allowing you to combine it at will with the cabinets and countertops.

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