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There’s No Such Thing as Diamond Countertops

Last Updated on March 10, 2021

Have you ever had an itch that you just couldn’t scratch? You probably have, but lucky for you itches are typically only temporary nuisances. The real question is – especially because we’re in the granite countertop business – have you ever had a scratch that you simply couldn’t buff out? Lots of people have, and the problem is, they don’t go away. Sure, they’re superficial, but they’re there to stay; like it or not that’s going to be your countertop’s look for quite a while. That’s why, through the marvel of modern industrial engineering, people can now utilize the power and convenience of scratch resistant granite countertops!

The next time you miss the cutting board while slicing and dicing, or your cat – you know, the one that REALLY needs its nails trimmed – decides to saunter across the countertop, claws at the ready, you needn’t sweat as much as a drop. You’re covered.

Only diamonds have a higher resistance against scratching than granite, but you’d be hard pressed to find a diamond countertop anywhere on the market – really, we’d love to hear of one.  As the cost of granite countertops continues to lower, and the quality and variety of colors and patterns only continues to increase, scratch resistant countertops are quickly becoming the norm.

Let’s break down the top ten kitchen countertop materials according to

1) No surprise here. At the pinnacle of the list is our old standby, granite countertops. Did you expect anything else? Granite resists stains, hot and cold (even frost), and won’t allow its surface to be permeated by even the most abrasive, scratch-happy material.

2 and 3) The next two on the list boast a refined finish and obvious functionality, but at number two engineered stone – namely quartz and Silestone – are just too pricey for the average home. At number three we find solid surface countertops checking in. Solid surfaces can come in a variety of colors, and scratches can be sanded out (so it’s not completely scratch proof), but hot pans and plates can cause damage and leave permanent marks.

The Flimsy)
Beyond those top three we find ourselves looking at a list comprised of countertop options like soapstone, ceramic tile, wood, and laminates; all varieties of countertop that demand constant maintenance and, frankly, don’t offer nearly the same durability as granite. Laminates, though inexpensive, are nearly impossible to repair once chipped or scratched.

The Expensive) If spending lots of money is what you’re jonesing for then try to purchase and install a stainless steel or marble countertop. There are, however, definite drawbacks for each. Marble, while beautiful and strong, is incredibly porous and stains far too easily. Stainless steel, on the other hand, doesn’t even come equipped to cut on, for fear of denting or scratching.

The Institutionalized) Concrete is cheap and strong, but it may look far too industrial or commercial for your liking, tucked away in the kitchen of your home. Not to mention it has a tendency to crack.

So what have we learned?

If you answered ‘we all want diamond countertops’, you’re correct! We do! But that’s unheard of, so we’ll go with the next best thing: scratch resistant, heat and cold resistant, sturdy, long lasting, home-value-lifting, gorgeous granite countertops. Go ahead, scratch away. It’ll look as good as the day you had it installed.

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