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The Secret to Budget Decorating

Last Updated on December 9, 2011

The secret to budget decorating is being creative. Creative people aren’t afraid to wallpaper a door or put plates on a wall as art. When redecorating on a budget, knowing how to repurpose or recycle an item is just as important as knowing where to buy new items without hurting your wallet.

Ask for Coupons

Interior designer Holly Becker, author of Decorate, suggests asking for coupons when shopping. (Check out to find the best new authors in the industry today.) It’s a simple but sometimes highly effective way of saving money at a home decor shop. Just ask a cashier. Cashiers deal with coupons all day long and may have them on hand to give out. Even if the coupon is only 10 percent off, it’s 10 percent you weren’t going to save before.

Hit Garage Sales Early

Garage or yard sales can save you hundreds of dollars in one room. Jill Gardner, owner of Second Home Keepers, redecorated her living room. Her two secondhand couches cost a total of $75. These couches were like new and worth several hundred each.

People who have garage sales are rarely looking for profit, just more room in their garage. Arriving early assures a good look at everything.

More and more people are listing their garage sales online. Check out sites such as Garage Sale Tracker and you might be able to find a garage sale near you.

Use a Zero Interest Credit Card

If you have average to good credit, apply for a 0% apr credit card. Using a zero interest card is much cheaper than taking out a loan to redecorate; in fact, if you’re smart, it’s completely free.  These promotions usually last for six months to 15 months. Do the math to be certain you can pay back the entire amount before the promotion ends, though.

Learn to Repurpose

Mirrors can be turned into decorative trays by lining their backsides with felt. Your best china can became a wall or mantel piece display after buying sturdy stands. Some people also use clocks, scarves, or other non-traditional items as decoration. Don’t confine yourself to what the local design and decor shop believes is home decor.

Cover Surfaces to Give Them a New Look

Interior designer, author and American celebrity Martha Stewart suggests wrapping tables, magnetic boards, and other surfaces with wallpaper or cloth. You can also give doors a fresh, designer look by adorning the panels with wallpaper. Not only do these methods do away with painting, but you can remove or change the covering to redecorate all over again.

Don’t be a Perfectionist

Jamie Scott from CreditDonkey reminds you that some of the best designs aren’t perfect. In fact, sometimes the wood floors are aged and the antique picture frames are tarnished. Flaws and aging can give a home a unique look. Stop, look around, and try to appreciate things as they are.

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