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The Most Useful Kitchen Appliances Infographic

Last Updated on June 30, 2015

Picture this: You just had a brand new beautiful countertop installed in your kitchen, but you can’t really show it off because it’s covered from wall to wall in kitchen appliances. What should you keep and what should you toss? Or maybe you are getting married soon or just bought a house and are wondering what kitchen appliances to put on your registry so that you will receive gifts that you will actually use. To help you have a better understanding of which appliances are useful (and which are not), we surveyed over 500 consumers about their monthly usage of 16 different kitchen appliances. Over 80% of people surveyed use their coffee maker and knife block every day – so these should get prime real estate on your kitchen counter. Appliances like slow cookers and blenders are best stored in your cabinets for easy access because over 40% of people we surveyed use them once or twice a week. Finally, over 80% of people polled never use appliances like bread makers and deep fryers – so it’s probably safe to take these off your registries and consider tools that you’ll actually use! Below is an infographic that summarizes the findings from our survey. Thanks to everyone who participated!

The Most Useful Kitchen Appliances Infographic

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