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The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Granite Transformations tours the kitchen for this week’s blog. If you are wondering about what kitchen design ideas and services are out there, then relax (maybe even at your kitchen table), and read on.

What makes the kitchen setting in the spring season actually enjoyable is that we can cook and bake at a more leisurely pace, as opposed to Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, where we rush around with the pressure of having many dishes prepared (piping hot) all at once. And, as it is spring, this is a time of year when people tend to consider updating or replacing their kitchen. If you are one of these people, Granite Transformations can give you some guidance.

Maybe you want to freshen up the look of your kitchen cabinets. Or, you’d like to update your countertops (your choice of granite, recycled glass, or quartz) or add an island. Before anything else, consider taking this quiz that we came up with last month to help point you in the right direction of the kitchen style that’s best for you.

There are many new and different kitchen design ideas and styles that have risen in popularity in 2015. The good news is that with such an assortment of designs, there is something to please everyone. The bad news is deciding what design to choose from. For this blog, we will be looking at two contrasting kitchen styles, along with the growing popularity and versatility of the kitchen island.

Vibrant, Tribal Colors
One newer trend is the use of vibrant, tribal colors and hues, such as deep blues, maroons, burnt yellows and deep scarlet in a matte or gloss finish to provide a comfortable, homey flare to the kitchen space.


Contrasting Islands
While we’re on the topic of islands, for those of you who want to change up the look of your kitchen and are thinking of replacing your sit-down table with a kitchen island design, you are in good company. Islands are now replacing tables, and also becoming the main feature for contrast as far as color scheme goes. For instance, the light perimeters and darker colored painted islands, and vice versa.


Repetitive Patterns
Art deco and art nouveau is inspiring the style of kitchens in a big way. Middle Eastern influences are triggering repetitive, elegant patterns taking the form of feature walls or backsplashes created in mosaic tile. Big, bold patterns that make a statement are quickly growing in popularity. Glass has also risen popularity in the past year, and is now a preferred material for kitchen backsplashes.


Shaker Cabinets
Flat-panel cabinet doors are being replaced with classic door profiles, such as Shaker doors. Indeed, the “Shaker” model of furniture (craftsmanship, form and function) is itself becoming very stylish, and a survey conducted by the National Kitchen & Bath Association concluded that 40 percent of respondents said they will do more shaker-styled kitchens in 2015, in part due to their versatility.


Modern Traditional
“Traditional” kitchens are often defined as functional. However, the style of kitchens today combines the old with the new, appropriately named “modern traditional” kitchens. “Modern traditional” kitchens are having an influence on choice of color, kitchen cabinets design, and textures, among other features.


Want to know another interesting fact about kitchens? More people are designing their kitchens to accommodate their pets (namely cats and dogs). From feeding stations, to day beds and doggy faucets, nothing it outside the realm of possibility!

So, it seems that there’s a lot of stuff cooking (with kitchen makeovers that is). The topics presented above are only a few of many kitchen design ideas for this year. If you have any other questions, check out our own additional findings for trends in kitchen design. Contact us for a free in-home consultation, today.

Just think, when fall and winter roll around later in the year, you’ll be scrambling through your brand new kitchen as you get the holiday meals ready. But before you know it, spring will be here, and you’ll be relaxing in this stylish new room and think to yourself: “Has it been a year already?”


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