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The Bowling Ball VS. Our Trend Stone…Who Will Prove the Victor?

Last Updated on July 15, 2010

Well, if you haven’t browsed the Granite Transformations site lately you ought to go take a couple of minutes and give it a once over. Right as you arrive on our home page you’ll find a semi-discreet video box just to the right of the main center graphic. What most people don’t do is click on it, but man oh MAN should they ever. I sometimes forget exactly how cool one of our videos is, but I’ll allow you to make your own judgments. Ladies and gentleman, without further ado I re-present to you “Bowling Ball vs. Trend Stone.” Enjoy!

Seems pretty conclusive, folks. The bowling ball absolutely decimated the regular slab of granite while our composite trend stone showed the bowling ball who was boss – and the trend stone looked great doing it! Seriously though, if your counter top can withstand some hard, Charles Barkley-like dribbles of a bowling ball with nary a scratch then just imagine the resistance your new granite countertop can have against typical kitchen mishaps. Oh the possibilities.

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