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GT White Kitchen with Island and bar stools

The Benefits of Using Installers from Place of Purchase

Last Updated on February 26, 2020

You’ve selected the perfect countertop for your kitchen or bath. But, when it comes to the installation, who do you choose to get the job done right?  This month, Granite and TREND Transformations cuts through the red tape and breaks down the benefits of using in-house installers from the place of purchase over outside contractors. Here’s how it breaks down.

GT White Kitchen with Stainless Steel Stove

In-House Installers:

  • Peace of Mind: In-house installers are specially trained to know the characteristics of their company’s materials and the proper method of handling them in the event of any unforeseen obstacles. This is a huge advantage and gives consumers the confidence and peace of mind knowing their countertops, backsplashes and cabinets will be installed correctly according to product specifications.
  • Cost: Installation costs are typically built-in to the cost of the countertop, eliminating any hidden or last-minute surprise charges to the bill.
  • Timely Installation: Consumers can rest assured that their countertops will be installed in a timely fashion based on in-house scheduling. Retailers will typically schedule installation times at the time of purchase and provide a set day and time, taking the guesswork out of the installer’s availability. This allows consumers to tailor their own schedules around the installation, eliminating any stress or disruption in their daily lives.

 Benefits of Using Granite and TREND Transformations:

  • At Granite and TREND Transformations, we do not use subcontractors to install our countertops – all installers are employed by the franchise and are specially trained to install Granite and TREND Transformations’ products.
  • Installation costs are built-in to all Granite and TREND Transformations’ estimates.
  • We offer quick turn-around times on most jobs since there is little to no demolition required with our revolutionary countertop overlay installation process. Most kitchen installations are completed in as little as one day and bathroom installations are typically completed within 2-3 days (depending on the job.)

GT Bathroom Counter with White Vessel Sink

Third-Party Installers:

  • Reputation: Using an outside contractor for your new countertop can be a hit-or-miss situation when it comes to finding a reputable company. Experts agree to get at least three estimates and check local agencies for consumer reviews and comments. It’s also a good idea to make sure the installer carries appropriate bonding and insurance and can provide references and even a portfolio of their work to give you an idea of how the finished project will look.
  • Selecting the Slab on Your Own: Purchasing quartz or granite countertops from a company without in-house installers could mean you’re visiting stone yards to select the slab yourself. If you choose to go this route, experts suggest hiring an expert installer to accompany you when making your selection. This will allow the installer to inspect the slab to ensure that it’s free from any faults or weaknesses that you may not be able to recognize. Plus, they will make sure you are ordering the correct size and specifications for your space. Remember, this expert advice comes with a price so be sure to include any fees into your budget.
  • Cost: The need to hire an outside installer/contractor for your countertop install could mean higher out-of-pocket expenses to you. You may find a better price on the slab, but the installation costs could off-set those savings.
  • No Warranty. Keep in mind that you may not have any recourse or warranty if you choose to purchase your materials first and hire an outside contractor to install your countertop after the fact. This could result in higher out-of-pocket expenses to you if something goes wrong.

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