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Quartz countertops

The Benefits of Quartz Countertops: Secrets Revealed

Last Updated on January 21, 2020

Quartz counters are man-made materials, created from quartz and other stones (including granite or glass), along with resins to bind it together. Additionally, there are pigments added for color. All of these ingredients create an extremely durable surface that naturally resists scratches, stains, abrasions and dents (not to mention being nontoxic, nonporous and nonallergenic). While quartz is virtually indestructible, its natural counterparts (such as granite, marble or soapstone) can crack or chip easily. Most quartz products come with lifetime warranties. Check out the lifetime warranty that Granite Transformations offers on all of its surface products.

The Versatility of Quartz

How finely the quartz is ground changes its appearance; finely ground quartz yields a smoother appearance, while coarsely ground quartz creates a flecked, choppier appearance. Because it is engineered, the appearance of quartz is more uniform than natural stone (which is formed by the ground or mining conditions).

Perla Di Sabbia
Perla Di Sabbia quartz countertops feature more coarsely ground quartz, where you can see the larger specs.
Fire Beige
Quartz countertops in Fire Beige feature finely ground quartz with a subtle veining pattern.













The one flaw of quartz is that it lacks the colors and variations you could get with natural stone. It should be noted, however, that today you can get quartz in almost any color, style, texture or pattern you want. Quartz has been made to look virtually indecipherable from natural stone (granite or marble) as well, so you can get the benefits of quartz and the look of granite.

Kitchen countertops in Crema Luna
Granite Transformations’ Crema Luna quartz countertops complete the look of this country kitchen.

Crema Luna quartz


King Ivory quartz
The King Ivory quartz countertops complement the Karma Mosaic Tiles in this retro-modern kitchen.

King ivory quartz



















Quartz Countertop Maintenance

One of the primary benefits of quartz is that it is very easy to clean and maintain, and doesn’t require sealing (as natural stone countertops do). No special cleaning products are required – soap and water on a warm sponge will do just fine. And your quartz countertops won’t corrode from oils, wine (it’s nonreactive to acidic liquids) or heavy household cleaning products. Quartz naturally resists bacteria, which makes it more sanitary than natural stone surfaces.

Although it hasn’t rivaled granite, the demand for quartz continues to rise as homeowners learn how durable and easy it is to maintain over other countertop products. And the supply of quartz is plentiful – there will never be a shortage of it. The price of quartz is somewhat comparable to granite; however, it is often a bit more expensive. As its popularity continues to grow, it will continue to rival granite in its ability to drive up the resale value of your home.

Learn more about Granite Transformations’ quartz countertops and the colors that are offered, including King Ivory, Fire Beige, Perla Di Sabbia and Crema Luna. Set up a FREE In-Home Design Consultation to get a free quote and see how Granite Transformations’ quartz countertops could elevate the look of your home.

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