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Inspiration of a Contractor

The Artistic Inspiration of a Contractor

Last Updated on January 21, 2020

Much of the time people look at home remodeling as if it’s all one big bag of the same thing. Remodelers know how to remodel, replace cabinets, install electrical fixtures, countertops, appliances, etc…right? Sure, anyone who says they can remodel can probably get the job done to its most limited and barely satisfactory levels, but sometimes people demand artists. People who actually pride themselves on creating home additions, and even entire homes themselves, beyond just fix it work are the people you want to seek out for your next (or first) home addition or renovation.

We recently got wind of a story about an in-wall television installation in a kitchen and liked what we heard. The person in question had a relatively old flat screen television, meaning that the back portion of the set protruded out some three inches or so. These three inches were ruled wholly unacceptable when it came to mounting it, so a solution needed to be found. Enter the intrepid contractor.

One look at what needed to be done and, from what we gathered, an idea had already popped into the head of the worker. He wanted to kill two birds with one stone, and in the process open up some counter space.

The contractor noticed that in between the pantry and the fridge there was a spice rack that rose about 3 and a half feet off of the floor (more of a cart if you ask me). Above it was a hanging picture. He suggested they move the picture and stack the microwave and television, in the wall. Considering the TV was only 20 inches the face of each item was similar. It seemed like a novel idea.

The family was very open to new things, so the contractor was essentially allowed to run wild in this case. The kitchen had a rich cherry wood finish in the cabinets and on the depressed pantry, which was built into the wall. The space between the brushed chrome fridge and the pantry was white wall. The contractor suggested extending the cherry wood between the fridge and pantry, as something of a wall panel, to place the microwave and TV into. This also allowed him the opportunity to apply some nice custom moldings similar in style to the cabinets around each piece.

The end result was clean, functional, and very attractive. You might say it was inspired work. If you truly trust a contractor and have seen past work of theirs you like then listen to their suggestions, something simple you had in mind might turn into something you see only in magazines.

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