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The Advantages of Solid Surface Countertops

Last Updated on October 13, 2023

When it’s time to replace your countertops, you may be faced with seemingly endless choices. It can make the decision process feel overwhelming and frustrating at times. You may be tempted to opt for the cheapest or more basic option to save yourself the hassle. However, the countertops you choose do more than just make a statement about your décor. They also serve a very important role in the kitchen. So finding one that meets both your design aesthetic and functional needs is critical. And that’s where solid surface countertops come in. They do such a fantastic job at bridging both worlds that they have grown increasingly popular over the years.

A Durable and Stylish Choice for Your Kitchen
It’s not often that you can find a stylish item for your home that can stand the test of time. But the proper countertop choice will do just that.

Exceptional Durability
Solid surface countertops are often composed of a blend of acrylic and natural minerals. That combination makes them incredibly durable. Another advantage of solid surface countertops is that they are also non-porous, making them resistant to stains, scratches, and moisture.

Easy Maintenance
Keeping solid surface countertops looking pristine requires minimal effort. Due to their nonporous nature, these countertops don’t require sealing. All you need to do is perform regular cleaning with mild soap and water.

Versatility in Design
Solid surface countertops offer incredible design flexibility. You can get them in an extensive range of colors and patterns. But don’t take our word for it. At Granite and TREND Transformations, we believe you should know all your options before beginning your project. That is why we offer a 3D Design Tool. You can use this tool to find the right style and material for your space.

Are you ready to begin your new countertop project? Contact the Granite and TREND Transformations team to schedule your free in-home design consultation. And if you want to take your kitchen to the next level, consider adding our brand-new MillWURK™ Cabinets to your renovation project!

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